Mobilegiri at Indian Blogger's meet in Park Hotel, Canought Place, Delhi

Last weekend, there was a bloggers meet at Park Hotel in Conaught Place in Delhi. Many Bloggers from various parts of National Capital Region and surrounding states were present for this meet. This meet is organized by and sponsored by HP.  I did some Mobilegiri during Indiblogger meet and here is the Photo Journey from the same... Let's have a look what all happened during this event...

There was registration counter just after the entrance into the meeting hall. We had to just enter the email id on a laptop and since all of us connected online through a community, all details were fetched instantly and there was a huge screen to inform who all have come with a timeline... The photograph above shows one of the blogger, who just entered and reading the stuff displayed out there and I am sure that you also noticed some sort of patches out there...

These were QR-code slips pasted all over the place. Some of the smart champs used their smart-phones to see what exactly is there on these QR-Codes. Most of them got a random and redundant stuff of most of these and no clue what exactly it was. Anyway, after some snacks & coffee, everyone took their seats and forgot about these QR-Code slips, as it seemed useless. At the same  time, few folks had guessed that there must be some game around the same. This was third Indiblogger meet in Delhi but this one was at big level and people had not much expectations initially.

Since HP logos were shown all over, everyone was guessing that HP is going to bore them with some promotional stuff. So as guessed, HP North India people came on stage and some slides were projected. But it was different than what most of us were expecting. They started with a very generic topic about originality of things and content on blogs. How Original things make difference. During this a question was asked that if any of the blogger faced a problem that their content is copied and used on other places with permission or credits and a doctor lady explained how her content was used. For answering this, she got a HP Pen drive :) .. Did I miss to mention that lot of HP Pen-drives were given to Bloggers and at times it seemed that they are desperate to give away those goodies :)... For example, all ladies with Shawls get a pen-drive :) ... This is one of the example.

On very first row of the hall, a blogger family from Muzaffar Nagar was sitting. After a round of presentation by HP, all bloggers introduced themselves and some of them introduced in really creative ways... And it was great to know about some folks like - an elven year old boy, who was youngest blogger of this event. If I am not wrong, he was Karthik Kumar from Muzaffar Nagar only. His Sister, again a blogger, Shradha was also accompanying him. I am not sure if their mom also blogs but their father is full-time blogger.

Here is another blogger Mr. Maurice Ryder, who was official Photographer of Indira Gandhi and a classmate of Amitabh Bachhan. An interesting fellow. I talked to his for some time and it was great to know about his thoughts around Photo Blogging and it's impact on photography skills. As of now, he is working on Animal Welfare and outdoor adventure stuff.

After a round of introductions by all the bloggers, bloggers had to make teams of 25 people. It was really quick to form team. Now everyone had to choose a captain, name of the team and a slogan. Usual things which we do in our offices :) ... Even the game name was also very familiar. 'Treasure Hunt'... But there was a difference.

Now each team needed to appoint three folks for tweeting the activities happening during the treasure hunt and how the team is performing as compared to others. Although everyone forgot about this particular activities after the game needed. In treasure hunt, folks had to scan QR-Code stickers and there was a keyword to find out. Team with maximum numbers of stickers with appropriate keyword was winner. During the hunt, if someone finds a sticker with Keyword2, s/he would get HP printer. btw lot of HP printers were gifted during the event because companies like HP don't earn from hardware. Their main revenue is from ink and paper they sell. 

Now it was time of counting the number of stickers each team had got. The team with 14 stickers was winning team. Our team had got 9, which was not bad and most of the teams were happy because one had got only 2 :) ...

So here is the team who won this game :)

Winning team having a photograph clicked with HP Pen-drive for each member...

Here is a photograph of Blogger family who came to Delhi from Mazaffar Nagar for this event only. I talked to Mr. Piyush for some time and he was very clear about his blogging ideas. He is a full time blogger, which means that blogging is the only way for him to earn money. He earns well and all his blogs are on Blogger and no domain or website. When I asked about the plans to have a dedicated website, he had a very clear answer that why to get into so much complexity when I am earning enough with the amount of time I have. Blogspot is easy to handle and he was not very comfortable with an idea of maintaining a website. On asking about formatting challenges - 'More cluttered your blog is more chances of earning money out of it. Just focus on quality of content you are providing.'  So in this meet there were focused people - some of them blog for money and others take it as hobby or way of improving themselves in a niche area.

After the game, there was break for snacks. Everyone had a chance to interact with each other during the break. After this break of 20 minutes, a blank sheet was given to all bloggers in that hall. Now each one of us could scrap on those papers about others. Of course, there were some prizes for random things around the game. So no one had clue what could make them win a prize.

Youngest Blogger got maximum  number of comments on his blogger-pod or whatever that is called...

A trail of bloggers writing for each other...

Again Kartik was one of the main focus for most of the blogger and he was more approachable as well..

So here ends the Mobilegiri from Indiblogger Delhi Meet 2011 !!

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