Kayakalp : Himalayan Research Institute of Yoga and Naturopathy @ Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA

 Kayakalp is a unique health resort in beautiful place of Himachal Pradesh. It's in Palampur, surrounded by snow covered Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges. Palampur is best place to have such institutions. All These photographs were clicked long time back during one of the unplanned visit to Palampur. That time, I had no SLR Camera and was carrying a small point-n-shoot. Let's have a quick PHOTO JOURNEY inside Kayakalp campus in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA...

As per website of Kayakalp - "Vivekananda Medical Research Trust which is a public charitable trust, has commissioned an integrated system of treatment through Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Naturopathy, Panchkaram, Physiotherapy, Acupressure, Magnetotherapy, Diet therapy & newly installed COLON HYDROTHERAPY under Himalayan Research Institute for Yoga & Naturopathy in the name of ‘KAYAKALP’ at Palampur, Distt. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India. "

This region of Kayakalp is known as Vatika. A beautiful garden in front of Dhyan Madir.

Kayakalp has also some accommodation available for tourists, who want to relax and have some Yoga trainings or therapies. More details about Accommodations at Kayakalp can be checked at http://kayakalppalampur.com/facilities.html

Gardens around the place are very well maintained and these fruits were hanging near Cottages on right corner of the Campus. 

More Photographs of Kayakalp can be seen at http://kayakalppalampur.com/gallery.html

There are four types of accommodations available at Kayakalp -

Basera - Dormitory Styled accommodation 
Nilay - Double Bedrooms 
Niket - Deluxe Double Bedrooms
Ketan - Cottages

This photography is showing Reflexology Track in the bottom and Solar plant on top. This whole campus is very well utilizing the sharp sunlight on Hills of Palampur.

Various other treatment equipments installed all over the place and there is a special building with all appropriate trainers and equipements. Check out following link to know more about various treatments available with corresponding charges - http://kayakalppalampur.com/tariffchart.html

This campus has huge area open and vacant as of now, but we noticed few more buildings coming up near main road. I think these must be ready by now...

While finding more on web, I saw a blog specially dedicated to Kayakalp and here it is - http://kayakalp-palampur.blogspot.com/

Annapoorna - Kayakalp Kitchen and Dining. Special cooking techniques are used for various meals at Kayakalp. It seems, during a visit whole menu for day or two is well designed to ensure that guests get right food with appropriate stay at this health Retreat.

Road inside Kayakalp Campus... Kayakalp is located on the main road which connects Palampur with Baijnath, Bir-Biling and Jogindernagar !!!

Here is another good article about Medical Tourism promoted by Kayakalp in Himachal Pradesh - http://hillpost.in/2007/12/21/kayakalp-offering-best-of-medical-tourism-in-himachal/4035/tourism/places/rsood

I am not sure if this building was part of kayakalp, probably Agriculture University which is just opposite to Kayakalp. Palampur has also got a beautiful Agriculture university, spread over a huge piece of land and surrounded by research fields.

Here is a view of Research fields on other side of the road in front of Kayakalp. This area belongs to Himachal Pradesh Agriculture University and researchers work here for hybrid breeds of different Indian crops. In fact, many international companies have their research centers in this region. Potatos of Kangra Valley are most popular in the world. Companies like Lays have big contracts in this region for Potato supply.

A View of Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges from Kayakalp.

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