Photojourney at Delhi Kite Festival

Delhi Tourism has organized the first Kite Festival of Delhi on November 12 and 13 from 11 AM to 8 PM. The festival organized in the lawns of India Gate and Kite flyers from several regions of India are participating in the festival

The announcers compering the inauguration ceremony. The stage is colorful and true to the spirits of the Kite Festival. Click here for a very opinionated review.

Decorations were quite in tune with the theme of kite flying as well. The crowd was really enthusiastic and I did not see any one littering or creating a ruckus.

I found these posters and the concept to be really classy and in good taste. The venue was good even though it was getting a little congested as the festival progressed. 

 The Pavilion displayed kites from various regions of India.

Delhi Chief Minister, Smt. Shiela Dikshit, looking at the stalls. In spite of the presence of VIPs, the security was hassle-free and kite flyers and spectators did not feel restricted in any way.

Smt. Sheila Dikshit looking at the Pavilions. I wonder whether she was able to see anything as the press was in her face all the time.

 The Delhi Pavilion displaying Patriotic-themed kites.

Stall from Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, displaying kites with various traditional patterns.

Kites in the Jodhpur, Rajasthan, pavilion displaying kites with Rajasthani prints. The white kites on the left are sold in Jodhpur for Rs. 10 or 20.  

 The Taj Mahal kite being prepared for its first flight.

Finally the kites are in the sky and flying.

A kite flyer with his boy-shaped kite. 

 Lord Hanuman, Taj Mahal, Boy all flying in the sky.

An artist ready for a cultural performance. A hoard of media personnel in the background. There was a strong presence of media in the event.

 The kite flyer posing with his Lord Hanuman shaped kite.

Shayar Mirza Aarif performing Dastan-e-Patang for a very enthusiastic audience. 

Smt. Sheila Dikshit watching the show. 

Mr. Anil Gupta and Mr. Braj Mohan manning the Delhi Tourism pavilion.  

Visitors collecting pamphlets, maps, guidebooks from the Delhi Tourism Pavilion. All of these things were being offered for free.

Delhi Kite Festival Slogan "Delhi raises its spirit with kite flying". Amen!  

Kites being sold at the festival venue. Kites of all shapes and sizes were available here.  

Delhi Tourism 150 kite string flying in the sky. the men steering these were holding this for the entire day.

 Delhi Tourism Kite string. A beautiful sight but a painful task.

Lead Singer of Soul Samvaad singing "Jab bhi hawa ke rukh se koi hat gayi patang" 

R. K. Caterers providing Delhi Chaats to the Flyers, Families, Friends, Media, and Spectators.

Beautiful looking Bhaji to be eaten with pao. Things were clean.  

Tikkis frying in the hot oil. Can us dilliwallahs imagine an event without these essential snacks?

 Rate chart for the food being served by R. K. Caterers.

 A huge Smiley-Shaped Kite that took off with some difficulty.

Another artist ready to start dancing. This is one of the traditional forms of entertainment we typically see in Northern India.



Thanks for sharing these photographs. I wanted to attend this Festival but was not in Delhi during this weekend... Now I am missing this more after seeing your photographs...

Thanks Again !!!
Sunil Deepak said…
Colurful cultural events are beautiful for taking pictures as your lovely pics show. As real cultural events of the people, sometimes officially managed affairs take roots and become something of the people, who take it forward in unepected and wonderful ways. I hope that will happen to the Delhi kite festival! :)

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