Noida Shilpotsav 2011 - A quick PHOTO JOURNEY from one of the evenings of Shilpotsav @ Noida Stadium

A Fusion of Craft, Culture and Cuisine  was organized by Craft Mela Committee, Noida - Govt of UP in association with Ministries of Tourism and Textiles, Noida Authority, Greater Noida Authority and others...

There was a huge stage decorated on one side of Ramleela ground of Noida Stadium. Kids from various states of India had come to present some cultural stuff in front of lovely audience of Noida and Delhi !!! I saw two performances - One from Agra and other from Uttranchal !!!

There were lots of shops with some amazing handicraft products... Most of the stuff was handmade, although many of the thing presented inside the Shilptsav ground were easily available in regular Delhi Markets. But some of the things were really unique and worth buying for home decorations. There was also a stall of Interior Designers who were offering services for home decorations and Vastu-upgradations....

Eatables are one of the most popular sections in such festivals/fairs. Especially these candies are really popular. These folks bring various types of Supari, Mouth fresheners, Candies and related stuff. Most of this stuff is priced w.r.t. weight.

There were various folk-performers roaming around ramleela ground of Noida Stadium. This troop from Rajasthan was very popular and some kids were following them :) ... One of them was skilled to blow fire using his mouth as fuel tank...

Lot of awarded craftsmen/artisans participated from various parts of country to showcase their unique products in various segments. 100 odd stalls for commercial segment, food court to satisfy the taste buds, entertainment and amusement facilities for children were available. ....

Colorful lights with traditional look were very popular at Noida Shilpotsav 2011 !!!

Anand has only provided this table to sell these kitchenware...

Some shops were free in spite of lots of people from National Capital Region visiting Noida Shilpotsav 2011 !!! This shopkeeper is happy with playing games on mobile phone rather trying to get some clients to buy something from his shop. Probably he is done with daily target !

One area was dedicated to reality companies who are major players in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from that tourism organizations from various states of India were present during Noida Shilpotsav 2011 !!!

What's a cultural show without some fire? Fire has always played a big role in our religion and is often a part of our rites. We worship fire as a form of energy and a force that destroys. So conquering fire during stunts is guaranteed to win applause.
Some beautiful footwear for sale and someone trying on a size. You need to be an expert to shop at places like these. You need to be able to judge the quality and value for money quickly.
All the colorful, tangy digestives. No comments about the shopkeeper cleaning his ears. Hope he doesn't use the same hands to scoop up the digestives.
A beautiful Jhoola. I've always dreamt of having such a jhoola in my garden (the one I would have in my imaginary villa). But on closer look, the seats don't look all that comfortable. Or can we say "angoor khatte hain"?
The typical rocking horse for the little ones. I never had this when I was a kid. They do look fascinating. Too bad they don't actually go anywhere.

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