'Mumbai Meets Dilli' - A night of Stand Up Comedy by Ashish Shakya, Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi & Rajneesh Kapoor @ India Habitat Center, Delhi

Today, I went to watch four great stand-up comedians of India take the stage with their performances at India Habitat Centre. The show was called "Mumbai meets Delhi".

Here are the four performers Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Rajneesh Kapoor, and Ashish Shakya.
Ashish Shakya took the stage first.

Expressions and gestures are important aspects of stage performances.

Ashish Shakya at his expressive best during the show.


Tanmay was the second performer to make the audience roar with laughter.
He was perhaps the most expressive and active.



As you can see he used his flexible facial muscles and gestures rather well.

Rajneesh Kapoor was the only comedian from Delhi.

He was also the most soft-spoken of all. His performance was understated yet funny.


Rohan Joshi was the last performer of the day. His favorite topics were Teleshopping shows and Anna Hazare.

We were having fun all through. There was not a single minute during the show that was boring.

Rohan interacted with the audience, accusing some of looking like the actors that appear on teleshopping shows.


The entire team again. A very impressive and entertaining performance.

For more photographs check out following link by official Photographer of the show (Naina) - http://www.naina.co/photography/2011/11/laugh-riot-indian-standup-comedy/ She has shot some wonderful photographs in back-stage and fro various places of auditorium. All my photographs you have seen are clicked from one place (My seat on left corner)

NOTE - The content is adult and can be awkward if you are with someone you are not very close to. I will be share more details about this show soon...


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