Indian Institute of Advanced Studies - A must go place in Shimla !!!

It's impossible that I don't visit Viceregal Lodge, while in Shimla.  Let's check out a quick PHOTO JOURNEY to Viceregal Lodge, Shimla !!!

There is a huge lawn in front of this building and initially people were allowed to relax here, but due to some reasons now tourists are not allowed to walk over this lawn. There are dedicated paths around this lawn to enjoy the beauty of this place.

Viceregal Lodge in Shimla was designed by Henry Irwin who was an architect in the Public Works Department at that time.

Viceregal Lodge or IIAS, Shimla is situated on a hill top near Summerhill (Shimla-05). Like other forts in India, this is place was chosen because of security reasons as most of the surrounding places were visible from boundaries of this building. There are some wonderful views of surrounding hills from this building. Now mainly Tutoo region is clearly visible and others are hidden by dense forest !!!

There are two wonderful gardens around Viceregal Lodge. One is near this lawn and other is in the backyard. The one in backward is famous one among couples of Himachal Pradesh University :) ... But now, it's not that popular as other options are available...

The Viceregal Lodge had electricity as far back as 1888 which is much before the rest of the town of Shimla.

There is no ticket for getting access to Viceregal campus but one needs to buy a ticket to see it inside. various areas of Viceregal Lodge are well preserved. The room where Gandhi met other officials on Pakistan matter is well preserved along with various things used that time. 

A Bell made of eight metals which was presented by the king of Nepal was available to be admired by tourists..

Here is top view of Viceregal Lodge in Shimla. Some text is carved on top of it, which probably explain about it's construction year and relevant details. You can notice Indian Flag on top of Viceregal Lodge !!!

This is first view if we reach Indian Institute of Advanced Studies through a steep climb from Boileuganj. This is place is main market near Himachal Pradesh University... This is the main place to get buses for different parts of shimla. Tutoo is on one side, Chakkar is on other and Shimla Bus stand of forth angle.

Viceregal Lodge which is also known as Indian Institute of Advanced Studies now, was equipped with an sophisticated fire fighting mechanism through wax tipped water ducts. Many historic decisions have been taken in Viceregal Lodge during the Indian independence movement.
The Simla Conference was held here in 1945.
And the decision to carve out Pakistan and East Pakistan from India was also taken here in 1947.

After India gained independence, the building was renamed Rashtrapati Niwas and was used as a summer retreat for the President of India.
However, due to its neglect, Dr. S Radhakrishnan decided to turn it into a center of higher learning, which was quite a good decision. The summer retreat of President was shifted from here to a building known as "The Retreat" situated in Chharabra, on outskirts of Shimla. In past many business organizations also tried to convince government to convert this building into Heritage Hotel because of it's amazing architecture and luxury.

The Indian Institute of Advanced Study was first created as a society on 6 October 1964.
The institute was formally inaugurated by Prof. S. Radhakrishnan on 20 October 1965.

Hese is information center and ticket counter, which is located on one side of main lawn of Viceregal Lodge, Shimla.

Now this building has been converted into Educational Institution and you can see various employees accessing different parts of the building. It has a wonderful library which is not open for all.

A closer look at Viceregal Lodge. Each part of this building is so beautiful that one can spend days to just explore it's style is each portion of the wall, stairs, pillars etc.

Viceregal Lodge was formerly the residence of the British Viceroy Lord Dufferin which was also an important venue for many important decisions...
It is probably the only building in Shimla that occupies a hill by itself.

Interiors of Viceregal Lodge are unimaginably luxurious, although I don't have photographs as of now. I will be posting relevant pics soon. The south facing entrance portico sees the visitor into the reception hall. The hall is marked by a grand staircase which springs from the right and spirals up three full floors. Facing the main entrance is the grand fireplace. A gallery with well-appointed teak panelling is the central space of the building around which the other rooms are arranged. The state drawing room, ballroom, and the wood-panelled dining room - decorated with coats of arms of former Governor-Generals and Viceroys - lead to the gallery at the lower level. Verandas and terraces surround the entire building at different levels.
 Those at the lower level link the lodge to the magnificent grounds while those on other floors provide superb views of mountains.

An indoor tennis court! The lodge had extensive facilities including huge kitchens with separate rooms for storing table linen, plates, china and glass.. laundry.. an enormous wine cellar.. a room for empty cases... boilers for central heating and running hot and cold water in the bathrooms.
It's pretty much as in Delhi’s Viceregal Palace, the Viceroy hosted lavish parties and entertained the Royal Princes and Nawabs in style.

There is a beautiful garden in the backward of Viceregal Lodge and these stairs lead to the same. This garden was popular among youngsters earlier and now it's a favorite place for kids and families to have day picnics.  Some of the rare species can be seen in this garden. Like maidenhair tree, Japanese maple and white mulberry...

Viceregal Lodge is accessible from following locations -

1. There is one simple Climb from Boileuganj. It takes 15-20 minutes to climb till the main building of Viceregal Lodge. And Boileuganj is accessible through buses from various parts of Shimla.

2. There is a shortcut from Summerhill bus-Stand. This route is not preferred if you don't want to jump through some walls :) ... This path is not very clean.

3. When we go from HPU to Mall Road on feet, there are various clean and safe paths to connect with Viceregal Lodge.

4. A wonderful walk of 4 kilometers connect Mall Road with Viceregal Lodge.

Heritage Tree - Platanus Orientalis from family Platanaceae, which is native of SE Europe, West Asia.

Viceregal Lodge gardens are really rich in terms of colors, fragrances and natural herbs. Lot of colorful flowers and herbs can be seen in various gardens around Indian Institute of Advanced Studies.

It's quite old building but still looks like something built few years back...

Outside in the landscaped grounds, there is a tall tulip tree, which is a rarity in an area dominated by pines and deodars. It was planted during the stay of the Marquis of Lansdowne, the Viceroy who replaced Dufferin in 1888...

Lot of tourists from various parts of country and world come to see this marvelous piece of Architecture and Luxury !!

It's time to say Bye to Viceregal Lodge ... Meet you during next visit to Shimla !!!


Hema Adurty said…
Thanks for Sharing these pics VJ. I missed visiting this beautiful building while I was in Shimla..your pics and accompanying words has created the visit for me !!!
Hema, you really missed one of the amazing places of Shimla !!!

In fact, the walk from Mall Road to this building is really amazing... Don't miss it next time :)
Bhuvanesh said…
Thanks for sharing these pics.. I have not been to shimla , but many of friends who have been never mentioned about it.. Its looks super cool in your photos..
Bhuvnesh, Shimla is a wonderful place. Although I have heard people cribbing about over-crowdedness but all depends upon plans and places of interest ... For me, Shimla is one of the best place to see British architecture and enjoy nature walks around the town...
rajeet said…
is raste ke stah kuch aise yaadein judi hai ki .................kya khaoon......miss those
Ranjeet - Kehte hain ki haseen yadein share karne se aur haseen ho jaati hain :) ...

Are these typical university yadein which most of us live with :)

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