Summer Theater Festival at National School of Drama started with 'Vanbhatt ki Atmkatha' @ Delhi, INDIA - 19th May to 16th June

With Summers of 2011, theater festival at National School of Drama  is again back with some of the wonderful plays this time. Summer Theater festival started on 19th may 2011 with "Vanbhatt ki Atmakatha" by M K Raina !!!

Summer Theater Festival will continue for approximately 1 month, till 16th June 2011 !!!

Each play is being showcased for four days and still tickets are not available for many of them. This weekend I reached Kamani Auditorium at 5:45 pm while play was at 7:00 pm. I was second in the line and got the ticket for 'Vanbhatt ki Atmakatha' !!!

Following plays will be showcased during Summer Theater Festival 2011 :

1. Vanbhatt ki Atmakatha (19th May - 22nd May 2011)
2. Ram Nam Satya Hai (23rd May - 26th May 2011)
3. Little Big Tragedies (27th May - 29th May 2011)
4. Comrade Kunbhakaran (30th May - 2nd June 2011)
5. Blood Wedding (3rd June - 5th June 2011)
6. Jaat na Poochho Sadhu ki (6th June - 9th June 2011)
7. Begum ka Takiya (10th June - 12th June 2011)
8. Kafka - Ek Adhyay (13th June - 16th June 2011)

All Photographs shown here are clicked during 3rd show of Vanbhatt ki Atmakatha play at Kamani Audotorium. 

For tis festival, advance booking is important as its hard to find ticket on same day. In case you want to try your luck, reach the place before 1 Hr at least. Most of the shows are at 7:00 pm, so reach by 6:00 pm and register yourself in waiting list !!!

I don't want to share the story of 'Vanbhatt ki Atmakatha' here... but in short I enjoyed it... Pure Hindi play and some of very typical hindi words are used in various dialogs... and there are some awesome jokes at regular time intervals :)

I was again amazed to see the theater talent and now I have started recognizing these folks.. Most of the artists in this play were their in Begum ka takiya last year !!!

Duration of this was 2:00 Hrs and there was a break of 10 minutes !!!

If you want to buy advanced tickets for future shows, timings are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm @ NSD, Mandi House, Near Metro Station !!!

Last year I got to know about the event through but this time it was not listed there.. It was sad :( 

I have seen lot many plays in past but dresses used in this one were most colorful ever !!!

This time shows are taking place at Kamani Auditorium in Mandi House and Sammukh Auditorium inside National School of Drama, Delhi !!!

If you have never seen any theater performance till date, Summer Theater festival is the best time to witness some of the best plays of the year !!!

Last year I went for 'Begum ka Takiya' and liked it so much... Finally planned again with other set of friends :)

To know more about Nartional School of Drama, Delhi -

Its amazing to see the artists for 2 hrs without any mistake.. Imagine the hard work and talent they have who run a show for 2 hrs without any retake.. And it's really hard to find any fault during the play !!!

So  get ready for fun filled Summer Thater Festival at Kamani, Sammukh and National School of Drama !!!

Here is complete team of Theater Artists who performed "Vanbhatt ki Atmakatha" for 2 Hrs !!! I am fan of these folks !!!

Here is complete schedule of Summer Theater festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi, INDIA

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