Ram Naam Satya Hai - Second play of Summer Theater Festival 2011 @ National School of Drama, Delhi (23rd May to 26th May 2011)

"This play is not about Death, BUT about Life... This play is not about AIDS, BUT about life that is to lived with zest in spite of absence of our departed friends. It is smile, laughter and happy moments shared with loved ones. The play is therefore, a mixture of present and the future, the harsh and the tender, the melancholic and the joyful" is Director's Note for 'Ram Naam Satya Hai' !

(Pandhari - Abdul Kadir Shah, Gopinath - Anoop Trivedi, Murli - Ambrish Saxena)

Dierctor of this play Mr. Chetan Dattar, starting his career in theater with a twelve year stinct under the eminent playright-Director, Satyadev Dubey, he went on to emerge as prolific Actor-Director-Translator/Adopter-PLayright, with several critically acclaimed productions to his credit. Amongst these are Cotton 56, Polyester 86, Wada, a tamasha style rendition of Shalkespear's Midsummer Night's Dream; Children of Hiroshima, a dramatization of the testimonies of Hiroshima survivors; and Tagore's story 'Giribaba' in Dance-Theater interpretation. 

(Neelkanti - Sapna Khatana, Gopi - Punj Prakash)

Mr. Dattar has participated in various Theatre festivals and won numerous awards for his direction, writing and acting. Over the past eight years he has been working on a new Dance Theatre Format, Rang Nriotya, with Classical Dancers, Guru Rajshree Shikre and Shri Vaibhav Areker. 

(Damu - Sukumar Tudu, Murli - Ambrish Saxena)

I watched this play yesterday and while coming back to Noida I met many of the artists of this play. Talked to them in detail about them and the way these festivals are organized.

(Sapre - Naveen Kumar Thakur, Gopi - Punj Prakash)

I met this fellow, Naveen, who was going to Luxmi Nagar via Metro only. He told me about the Repretory Company of NSD which has employed all these artists and they act for them in various plays directed by Indian or Foriegner Directors.

(Sorry dude, I don't know your name but you were fab !!)

He is one folks in this play who was like this only. Looking at various things around with open mouth and always surprised about the things happening around. He used to walk in very slow motion... 

(Anna - Motilal Khare, Aayee - Sajida)

Anna and Ayee of Gopinath who used to tell his love stories in Hospital ward !!!

(Parshuram - Joy Maisnam Meetie and Gopi)

Mr. Gopi on the left talking to Parshuram on roadside and trying to get money out of him for a pre-planned/fake accident !

(Damu - Sukumar Tudu, Murli - Ambrish Saxena)

Two good friends in Hospitala and they used to share their stories/imaginations....

(Gopi with Seema - Anamika)

Gopi and Night-Bar with a girl called Seema who has recently joined the bar and agreed to sleep with him during first meeting only...

Waiter at Night-Bar and Gopi, both in shocked state while listening to some news about Seema in Television....

Gopi is very sad state when we got to know that he might be HIV positive...

Gopinath crying while recalling his old memories....

(Nallu - Tina Bhatiya, writing letter for Anna and Ayee)

(Ayee and Gopinath crying...)

Here is the end of Damu, when he reached the worst state of his health...

Story ends with Damu's Death...

Now onto next play on coming Saturday - Little Big Tragedies

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