First Story of "Little Big Tragedies" at Kamani Auditorium during Summer Theatre Festival by NSD Repretory Company !!!

"Little Big Tragedies" play was third one in Summer Theatre Festival 2011 (27th May 2011 to 29th May 2011). This play is written by Aleksandr Pushkin and translted by Neelabh. Little Big Tragedies in a a 1 hr 40 minutes play which is designed and Directed by Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli.

Mr Pushkin wished to use the word "little" to emphasize the meaning of tragedy while exploring the possibilities of the manner in which art develops as a part of conflict and with the simulteneous process of dramatic action from beginning to end. The cycle of Little Tragedies was created by Pushkin in two weeks during Boldinsky 1830's, that are believed to be one of the most creative and fruitful times in terms of creativity. This included plans for MOzart and Salieri., the stone guest and the the feast During a plague all aimed at creating tragedy within the framework of an ideological artistic unity.  

Here is an amazing actor theatre who was there in 'Shanti' serial !! Shanti is a famous TV serial which used to relay on DD-1 during my childhood ! The person who played the role of Raj Malhotra - Mr Jitendra Shastri, also known as Jitu Da in NSD :) ... I saw him during first show of Baanbhatt ki Atmakatha and not able to recall that he is the person I used to see on TV long time back :) After few visit to NSD, I saw him again n again and finally know the great Jitendra Shastri, a wonderful Theatre Artist !!!

The Moral and philosophical content of the last tragedy directly and publicly raises questions on the meaning of life; sums up and generelizes the analysis of intimate human passions to a broader context.

Director's Note - "Each of the 'Little Tragedies' serves as an illustration of some or the other fault-jealousy in Mozart and Salieri, adultery in The Stone Guest, and arrogance in The Feast during a Plague. The Purpose of this play and the tragedies is to keep a track of human sin-count through a process of development. The Feast during a plague finishes this cycle with a statement on the actual problems from the 19th to 20th centuries. There are no specific Lead Heros. All of them come from common crowd which is played by the chorus as a blend of characters from different nationalities and cultures, but with the same density. For me a work like Little and Big Tragedies are not measurable  the person having a collision with the paradoxes of life, and making the journey from beginning to the end in an attempt to answer the most basic questions about happiness and freedom."

This play is about three different stories about different topics around the ideology shared by Mr. Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli.

This play is not for folks who look for fun and comedy !!! and a really great play for people who understand the symphony of typical musical steps along with clear and impacting dialogs. 

Director of the play Mr. Ovlyakuli Khodjakuli completed his course in Theatre Studies at the Theatre Institute in Tashkent, and went on to work as the Artistic Director of the Turkmenistan Drama and Music Theatre and then the youth Theatre in Ashgabat. He has worked with several theatres and directed over 50 plays. The Theatre of Ovlyakuli is a paradoxical phenomenon that combines the skills of the Russian Theatrical School with later 'sovereign' views that believe art to be free from the idealized blinders of the Soviet Age. 

Director of this play  Mr. Ovlyakuli is the recipient of various awards and is, at present, believed to be one of the most prominent directors of and from Central Asia.

Cast of this Play includes:

Mozart - Dwarika Dahiya (One of my favorite actors of NSD. I always recommend 'begum  ka Takia' and he has played the role of Chacha in that play. He was simply awesome !!!)

Saileri - Mr. Naveen Kumar Thakur (Another great actor who is playing the role of Katra Shah in Begum ka takia)
Don Juan - Manish Kumar, Sunil Uapadhyay
Louisa - Sapna Khatana, Sajida
Laura - Sapna Khatana, Rakhi Kumari
Dona Anna - Anamika, Sunanya Shukla
Mary - Tina Bhatia, Rakhi Kumari

Leporello - Maisnaam Joy Meetei
Monk and Priest - Mr Jitendra Shastri
Yuva - Sunil Upadhyay, Pramod Kumar Sharma
Don Carlos - Sukumar Tudu, Emmanuel Singh

During this play, I came know that Mr Punj Prakash who is main actor in "Ram Naam Satya Hai" is Make-Up artist of this play. This is awesome. Every time I watch a play, I came to know about new talent of these folks. They act well, sing well, dance well, make-up and what else... 

Here is the whole cast of tis play "Little Big Tragedies"

On to second and third story of this play...

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 First Story of "Little Big Tragedies" at Kamani Auditorium during Summer Theatre Festival by NSD Repretory Company !!!

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