Baanbhatt ki Aatmakatha, Directed by M. K. Raina ( First play @ Summer Theater Festival 2011 by National School of Drama Repertert Company)

Summer Theater Festival has started on 19th of may at National School of Drama and Baanbhatt ki Aatamakatha was the first play... Check out some of the photographs with relevant retails picked from brochure published by NSD Repertery Company :-

Director M.K.Raina's Note :

Between centuries and ages,
Between countless battles and sufferings,
The spirit of plurality,
Woven by human souls,
The poorest of the poor,
The wretched of the earth,
Believers and non-believers,
Who ploughed the earth,
That bears the seed of human unity,
Which flowers,
To reveal the future.

Few things about M.K.Raina - Eminent theatre and media personality, M.K.Raina, graduated from National School of Drama in 1970. For last 35 years he has directed and acted in more than a hundred plays; has been associated with prominent directors of national and international repute; has acted in many award wining films; have produced and directed many television serials and translated and adapted several plays into Hindi.

Artistic Director of Prayog, and Founder-member, sahmat, his major theatrical productions include KABIRA KHADA BAAZA MEIN, THREE SISTERS, MOTHER, EVAM INDRAJIT, BANBHATTA KI AATMAKATHA, amongst others.

Mr. M.K. Raina is strong believer in "Thatre for Development", he has worked extensively in marginalized rural areas, facilitating the formation of self-help and thetre groups, particularly in Kashmir, his homeland. Mr. Raina has also recieved many awards including Sanskiriti Award, the Sahitya Kala Parisad Award and the Sangeet Natak akademi Award.

Here is Bhattini in the middle of all other artists of the play... Sapana Khatana is playing the role of Bhattini in this play !!!

Their are two Baanbhattas in the play and here is the second one with Bhattini ---

Baanbhatt-2  role is played by Ambrish Kumar Saxena

Here is Baanbhatt - Mr. Punj Prakash

Nipunika lying down on the ground - Role played by Anamika !!!

Bhattini talking to mahamaya - Role of Mahamay is played by Tina Bhatiya in Baanbhatta ki Aatmakatha !!!

Banbhatta looking into the water pond !!!

Baanbhatta ki Aatmakatha -

Novel - Hazari Prasad Dwivedi
Dramatization - Amitabh Srivastav
Design and Directio - M.K. Raina
Duration of this play is 2 Hrs 10 Minutes

Although the plot of the novel, written by Dwivedi ji, is based on the past, it relects his contemporary vision. He always explored the possibility of the past in the present context. His movel depicts the time and the culture of the past, and talks about the modern soul, identifying with modern thought, imagination and desire.

In the novel Baanbhatta ki aatmakatha, the description of Mahavaraha, comes up number of times. According to the Purana, mahavaraha, one of the incarnations of vishnu saved the sub-merged earth from water.

In this novel Bhattini represents and Baanbhatt has to save her. The choice has it's own importance. The greater human value is looking in meaning like the sub-merged earth. 

Novel depicts the creative aspect of Baanbhatta and at the same time it relects Baanbhatta as a representative of human conscience, sympathy and injustice.

Other main characters of this play are as under - 

Samner by naveen Kumar Thakur ...
Sugatbhadra by Manish Kumar...

Aghor Baba by Sukumar tudu...
Yuva Sainik by Palash Protim mech...

Sabhapati by Manish Mishra...
Lorik dev by Anoop Tervedi...

Vridh Sainik by Pramod Kumar...

Here is Krishnavardhan giving some stuff to Baanbhatt to bring back for Bhattini !!! Role of Krishnavarthan is played by Sunil Upadhyay !!!

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Vibha said…
Lovely post and pictures VJ. I so want to see a play right now!
Thanks Vibha !

This time I have already got tickets for most of the plays :)

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