'Indian' Passport is not enough to get Poland visa through their designated VFS centres, even when your appointment is confirmed

So recently I had to apply for Poland visa and I couldn't get appointment date in Delhi, Jaipur and Chandigarh which are close to Noida (where I live). So I checked other VFS centres and found an appropriate appointment date in Chennai centre. 

I made all preparations including booking my flights, hotel etc and reached Chennai a day before as my appointment was at 9am in morning. 

Next day, I reached VFS office to figure out that they can't process my application. The reason was - "Your passport is issued in North India, so you can only get your visa processed in Delhi centre or other centres in North India". Now I was wondering how come I was given/confirmed an appointment in Chennai VFS centre? The Poland VFS representative said that I should have read the conditions on VFS website. I felt ashamed that I didn't do my prep. 

When I came back, I rechecked the website from where you book visa appointment for Poland and I couldn't find anything. Now either I failed to find these details or they are not there at all. And now I wonder how many other such reasons can waste time and money for others. 

I am writing this blogpost for awareness and will try to find more so that others don't waste their time and money. 

Key questions which are still running in my head - 

1. In the world of technology, how hard is it to show only relevant VFS centres on the basis of Passport details?  

2. For getting Visa for Poland, what's the reason to differentiate different kinds of ''Indian Passports" and what all factors decide these categories? I just needed Poland visa on Indian passport. I didn't know that visas are given on "North Indian Visa" vs "South India Visa" vs "East Indian Visa" and so on. 

3. If a person with passport issued in Delhi & working in Chennai, wants to apply for visa, he will have to take appointment in Delhi VFS? I am not sure. 

<Blogpost updated after a day>

Here is the link Poland Consulate office shared - https://www.gov.pl/web/india/embassy-consulates which confirms that I was at wrong VFS. Wondering how someone figure out this page because it's not at all linked to the page from where you book appointment. and even website is different. 

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