5 More Virtual Journeys to Undertake during the Pandemic - Isle of Skye, Aurora Borealis, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Great Wall of China & Pompeii in Italy

After you are done with the Top 5 Grand Virtual Journeys to Undertake during the Pandemic, let us talk about 5 more journeys to undertake virtually, though in some cases, the Virtual Tours actually cannot do justice to the magnificence of a place. However, it will help you get through the Pandemic and create a travel list for future.

Isle of Skye

If I am asked about a place that I have visited and would like to go back to and am given the option to visit just one such place, it would be the Isle of Skye. I have written a lot about this place of my dreams. It reminds me of Enid Blyton's fairy tales and William Wordsworth's poetry. Visit just as the Autumn is fading and Winter is getting ready to freeze the land, and you enter a land where heavens meet the earth, where clouds hug the earth, and lush green hills roll into the North Sea without much fuss. The Virtual Tour, though interesting, does not do the Isle much justice, even though they have taken pains to provide both Heather View and Warm View in some views. For now you can enjoy it, but do make it a point to visit the actual place as soon as the world opens up again. 

Aurora Borealis

Chasing Aurora in real life is a quest, and one with unpredictable outcomes. You can, however, undertake a virtual tour where you can watch Aurora dancing through the sky from the comforts of your home. Yes, some of you are probably thinking "this is not what travelers want". However, this can probably be something that we would have to do with and probably aspire to in future. There is also an Aurora Borealis webcam (Webcam), but it is a little dull because of sparse activity. Instead, this Virtual Tour is much more interesting and engaging - Aurora Borealis 360 degree Virtual Tour

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

I am yet to visit Australia, but the country fascinates me a lot, especially because I was introduced to it through Bill Bryson's funny travelogue "Down Under". I remember chuckling all the way while reading this awesome piece of writing. Also, I remember reading about Uluru sandstone monolithic rock in the middle of nowhere in the Northern Territory of Australia. As far as I remember, the rock is the source of many myths and lores among the aboriginals of Australia. Such a huge rock in the middle of nowhere does ignites one's senses, so I am sure there is good reason behind the myths. Do take this Virtual Tour and listen to the commentary and various songs and sounds surrounding this magical site - Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Great Wall of China

There are several Virtual Tours available for the Great Wall of China. However, I like this one the best - Great Wall of China Virtual Tour. When you are watching this one, remember to turn up the volume. The background music is awesome. And do remember to click on all views. Each one is worth it. Definitely makes me want to visit the place. Not sure when I would get to it though. 

Pompeii, Italy

An ancient city preserved under several feet of volcanic ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii has inspired several movies, documentaries, and researches. Excavations of the city have led to many historical discoveries. Voids left behind after the decay of organic matter that occupied it (furniture, artefacts, human bodies) were used to create molds that provides a visual, and often gruesome, image of the last few moments in the life of the inhabitants of Pompeii. While it may take a few years for me to actually visit Pompeii, I would recommend taking this detailed Virtual Tour of this stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site, that reminds one of how fragile human life is and how quickly an entire, prosperous city can be wiped off the map of the world. 

This is all folks, for this installment. I will be back with a special installment on great webcams around the world. Hopefully you are enjoying these posts. Let's make the most of it. :)


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