Cool Wildlife Webcams || Virtual Travel during Covid-19 Pandemic

Live View from the Tropical Reef Webcam
In case you are a wildlife buff and enjoy observing animals in their natural habitat, you may not be able to visit a wildlife sanctuary in the raging Covid-19 pandemic, but instead a wildlife sanctuary can still come to you. Many wildlife sanctuaries and rescue centers around the world have live webcams that you can hook on to and watch your favorite animals in action. These wildlife cams not only provide you a window into the wild, it also provides you a similar experience, where you may not see anything for hours and then suddenly you are rewarded with a great sighting. Following are some interesting cams you can view:

Puffins and other Marine Birds in Shetland
If you have never seen puffins, you need to see them. They are interesting birds and are found in North Atlantic and North Pacific Ocean. Their beaks, in particular, add quite a bit of character to their personalities. During breeding season, the puffins have big, multicolored beaks that they shed once the breeding season is over. You will also find other marine birds such as the seagulls flying about here on these cliffs. And when the nights are clear, you may also chance upon Northern lights dancing across the sky. So on the whole a very interesting Webcam. Click here to view it.

Tembe Elephant Park, Kenya

The webcam in the Tembe Elephant Park is about elephnats and much much more. Tembe Elephant Park is a Big Five Park, where you find Elephants, Buffalos, Lions, Rhinos, Giraffes, and other smaller antelopes as well. While Rhinos are rare, Elephants are quite commonly seen around the site where the webcam is positioned. Giraffes too often wander near the waterhole where the camera is positioned. So there are chances of some great sightings here. 

Bear in the Wild Webcam, Romania
This webcam is placed in, hold your breath, Transylvania. So if you watch for long enough, may be you will catch the glimpse of the Count himself. Well, I hope not. But anyway, the bears are quite entertaining in themselves. And then there's a chance that you may spot other wildlife such as foxes, deer, bunnies etc. Also, just to add, that when you are watching bears through this webcam, there's no chance of a chance encounter like the ones that are currently on a rise in Romania. 

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Reef Web Cam at Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, Australia
Now how about some under the sea action? This Reef Cam is positioned near Melbourne to showcase the awesome Marine life that is thriving away from the famous Great Barrier Reef. While the Great Barrier Reef gets all the attention, there are other places in Australia where you can spot marine life as rich and as interesting. Port Phillip Bay is one such place. 

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