Don't go Gung-ho about multi-camera phones and rather understand the value you need !

There was time when I was super excited about some of these dual lens phone cameras and I also saw some of the stunning results, but beyond a point these brands are not really innovating on hardware and competing on software is hard to evaluate. Am I complicating it too much by saying so many things in first 2 sentences? I guess, yes. So let's go step by step and ask these questions -

1. What are you achieving by having a phone camera with dual lenses? : Please don't say bokeh, because most of the phone cameras are doing it through software rather than hardware. Don't be shocked if I say that this statement applies to iPhone8Plus as well, which is dual lens camera.

2. If you don't even know what value you get from these dual and even 3 lens phone cameras, why are you excited about them? : If your answer is - no I am not excited and don't want to fall in the trap of these multi-lens phone cameras, then please save your time and skip this post :)

3. If you know some other value of multi-lenses, do you use them when you click photographs with your phone camera? 

To be fair, with multiple lenses cameras can have depth map which in turn helps in achieving close of realistic depth of field. But some of the single lens camera phones are already doing much better job through their solid softwares on the phone. So what else this gives us?

An year back or little more than that I tried various dual lens cameras - one of the earliest one was Honor 6 Plus and it was pretty impressive in that era. But when I used phones which costed almost 3 times the cost of Honor 6 Plus, I was not that impressed. Unfortunately the trend now is all about dual lens cameras but nobody is able to show the real value on the table. 

What is the deal with this triple lens phone cameras now? 

For my curiosity, I started reading more to understand what am I missing in this world of multi-lens phone cameras? And here is the first thing came to me on Quora. 3 responses sound interesting but a little away from reality. I would have loved to see the clear difference where people say that single lens can't produce those results. 

If one of the lens has zoom, there is a clear cut use-case of getting optical zoom instead of digital zoom but does that guarantee best optimal results? 

Without going into Android phones, iPhone8Plus is dual lens camera and wondering why paid camera apps are needed to make good use of it's hardware? Check this . Now is it really about the hardware or more of software power. 

Fundamental point remains the same. If 80%+ use-cases are being met by software and single lens why you want to spend almost double the money for 20% value and even when you are not sure what that value would be. And how much you would be able to leverage it. 

It's amazing to see growing craze for funky smartphones but wondering how many of us really think about value which is meaningful for us vs marketing value for the phone company. This is an interesting debate in my mind these days and I would like to know your thoughts, so please drop us comments with your inputs, thoughts and ideas. 

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