A super aggressive tour of Taj Mahal & Jaipur city during a weekend around Delhi

As shared through the Annual Glipmses, 2013 was again a very eventful year for us and we explored some new aspects of Photography. These were not only about travel but lot more than that. With continuous support of our viewers, authors, Photographer friends, mentors and close friends, we got some exciting opportunities in 2013. Many of you came to us with different types of Photography projects and we also executed some of them equal enthusiasm. Thanks you all ! But the most memorable and exciting Photography experience was Aerial Photography Project in Madhya Pradesh. This Photo Journey is sharing some of the photographs which are not part of real project delivery, but few random shots taken on the way to Muraina from DelhiA friend of mine, Smita Dhall, recommended me for this project and Viveck helped to prepare well to plan and execute it. After exchanging few emails and a meeting, it was finalized to the shoot in one day. Plan was to start in a chopper from Greater Noida, land at Marena which is district headquarter of one of the district in Madhya Pradesh. Shoot some of the important monuments and locations and come back on same day. I can't share more about the project but this whole day was a very special experience. Quick flights from one location to another, taking aerial shots, special hospitality by MP officers and met with some of the popular Indian faces. But for me the most special part was photographing the beauty of Murena district from height.If you not aware of Aerial photography, then let me define is again for you :) .. It's about taking photographs of ground from an elevated position and in our case, it was the chopper which used to take us to a point from where we could capture things well. From Murena, few local folks joined us to guide us through right route and locations.Most of the photographs shared in this Photo Journey are shot on the way from Greater Noida to Murena via Agra. These water bodies looked most beautiful from top, although we clicked lot of villages, brick furnaces, huge farmlands etc.Above photograph shows the Noida Expressway, which connects Noida with Greater Noida. This is extended further through Yamuna Expressway which has reduced the travel time to Agra. It seems that Agra is 2.5 kilometers away from Delhi now. It was awesome to see fast moving vehicles on these highways, especially when vehicles were moving in opposite direction of our Helicopter.Check out more about Aerial Photography at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerial_photography and enjoy rest of the Photo Journey.Here is the old story from this Photography Experience - http://phototravelings.blogspot.com/2013/04/helicopter-ride-from-great-noida-to_3485.html#.Usb65bQtnsE

At times I have seen people thinking about Taj Mahal & Jaipur over a weekend. Initially I was little surprised, but when I talked more I understood their viewpoints. People visiting Delhi for work and have a weekend, they certainly want to explore Taj Mahal and Jaipur is something where everybody wants to visit & see the grand forts of Rajasthan. If it’s a long weekend with holiday on Friday or Monday, the plan makes even more sense. For such plans, one need to be really passionate about exploring places and in such cases, you just find reasons to celebrate the places on the way and don’t worry much about places to spend nights. In this post, I am trying to share a reasonable travel-guide for folks who are keen on exploring Taj Mahal and Jaipur over a weekend. 

Distance estimates :

Delhi to Agra - ~235 km
Agra to Jaipur - ~240 km
Jaipur to Delhi - ~270 km
Local commute within Jaipur - ~50km 

Estimated cost of a taxi : 

I have written this post for 3 days (Saturday, Sunday & Monday) trip and it would be super easy to make it 2 days trip from Delhi, as the third day would be negotiable as per this plan. At a broader level, here is how the plan would look like - 

  • Hire a taxi for whole trip. (Typically these taxis charge per kilometer & expect minimum of 250 km drive in a day)

  • Conclude your Friday a little early and go to Agra. (This can be skipped if you have accommodation in Delhi, because early morning drive from Delhi to Agra would be less than 3hrs)

  • Plan a visit to Fatehpur Siri & Taj Mahal on first day.

  • Plan to reach Jaipur on Saturday Night and take rest.

  • Explore some of the most popular places in Jaipur on Sunday - Amer Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Chokhi Dhani etc.

  • On Monday, you can enjoy local shopping around Bapu Market and some other places around it. and head back to Delhi in the evening. (In case you want to save Monday, you can plan over night journey back to Delhi after #5)

Few things to keep in mind, while planning this trip -
  1. You always need to be aware of time effectiveness.
  2. Plan to relax your body while in taxi and traveling between the places. 

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So next time if anybody asks if one can plan Agra & Jaipur weekend trip from Delhi, the answer can be yes and for more details, direct the person here. 

Posted by Ripple (VJ) : Main places to Visit in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India : ripple, Vijay Kumar Sharma, ripple4photography, Frozen Moments, photographs, Photography, ripple (VJ), VJ, Ripple (VJ) Photography, Capture Present for Future, Freeze Present for Future, ripple (VJ) Photographs , VJ Photographs, Ripple (VJ) Photography,

This is a brief plan and more specific details can be found in linked blogposts, so I would encourage to check linked posts to plan your trip well. Please feel free to comment below if you have further questions, suggestions or ideas.

If you liked this post and found it helpful, I would request you to follow these things when traveling -

  1. Manage your waste well and don’t litter
  2. Use dustbins. Tell us if you went to a place and found it hard to locate a dustbin.
  3. Avoid bottle waters in hills. Usually you get clean water in hills and water bottles create lot of mess in our ecosystem.
  4. Say big no to plastic and avoid those unhealthy snacks packed in plastic bags. Rather buy fruits.
  5. Don't play loud blaring music in forests of jungle camps. You are a guest in that ecosystem and disturbing the locals (humans and animals) is not polite

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