The Journey of Tathya - From doodling to professional art

Recently we came across this interesting organization called Tathya, which is into creative stuff. We should of finding more about Tathya and people behind these awesome company. Check out their website and I am sure that would love what they do, but before that check out this post which shares more about Tathya and the founder has to say.

1. When and how did the idea behind Tathya start forming? Who were the key people involved?

The concept of Tathya was born out of a desire to take illustrations and quirky art, and create a brand from it. I have been doodling for as far back as I can remember, in my spare time, on the back of notebooks and the walls of my room. I decided to take them a step further, and started experimenting with designing stationery, like bookmarks, envelopes and cards with my existing illustrations. My first step in taking Tathya out in the open came in 2011, when I put up a stall at Alliance Francaise, New Delhi. The positive response that I got from that two-day sale encouraged me to plan ahead and establish the brand. But things didn't materialize for three more years. Finally, in 2014, I created some wall art and illustrations, and had the framed. Within the next fifteen days, y friends and I did a photoshoot of the products for promotion, and set up my own e-commerce website. The first day, I posted six illustrations, and managed to sell all of them! And that was how we got Tathya on the road.

2) What were the challenges you faced when you first started with your business?

 The biggest challenge was balancing a full time job and the demand of getting the brand established. To keep the brand going, after a full day of office, meant I was working around the clock, seven days a week. But, I was working on something that was mine, completely, and that joy is incomparable.

3) Do you think being an entrepreneur has changed you as a person? How?

I would say being an entrepreneur has completely changed me, for the better I hope. When you build something up form the very foundations, you learn to take up a lot ore on your plate. I am both an intern at my firm and its CEO. While that means a lot of hard work, it also means a huge boost in confidence. With Tathya, over time, I think my personality has come to match that of the brand itself.

4) Tell us about some of your products?

We started with mostly wall art which are one-of-a-kind quirky illustrations. These would be mostly generic, but we also had ones based on specific festivals. Encouraged by the popularity of these, I started making more and for 2-3 months, it was just quirky and witty doodles flying all over. After this little success, I started venturing into mugs and notebooks and eventually to t-shirts.

5) What are the next steps?

Well, next steps for Tathya would be to come up with a fresh range, with new themes and more quirky products. While I would not like to reveal too much, we're planning to launch a stationery collection soon.

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