Weekend fun with Nishant - Shopping, Books, Music, and morning walk in Deer Park (Hauz Khas Village)

Me and Vibha were eagerly waiting for this weekend, as Nishant was planning to visit us with his Mom and Dad. On Saturday, I had Lightroom workshop with PHOTO JOURNEY friends and by the time, we concluded our workshop Nishant arrived at home. 

We had quick snacks with tea and then planned to visit Decathlon. Nishant wanted to buy new yoga mat from Decathlon Noida. We spent around 45 minutes at Decathlon and apart from yoga-mat, Nishant picked new skates. In first photograph he is trying his new skates and having fun. And now weekend starts. 

Two toy trains run between Decathlon and GIP. All of us boarded one of these trains to go to Great India Place mall and the above photograph is clicked with Didi's new phone Honor 6 Plus, which has dual camera to help capturing nice bokeh. I am super impressed with the camera of this phone and this is first time I saw a mobile camera capturing real bokeh. Usually mobile cameras fool users by adding blur or graduated blur, which is not the case with Honor 6 plus. All photographs in this PHOTO JOURNEY are clicked with Honor 6 Plus and you would see many such examples of nice bokeh at f0.96. I had never heard of this aperture value :). 

At GIP, Nishant bought few books from OM book shop and we had dinner at TGIF.  We spent some more time in GIP and then headed home. The plan was to sleep early and go to Deer park in Hauz Khas Village in the morning. The idea was to reach Deer park by 6:30am. Instead of 5:30am, we started at around 6:15am next morning and reached Deer park by 7am. 

This was Nishant's first visit to Hauz Khas Village and Deer park. All of us were super excited about Sunday morning. 

First we headed towards the enclosures containing hundreds of deer. Apart from these herds of deer, we several saw peacocks and one of them was dancing with its splending tail feathers spread out. This peacock was far away and I couldn't capture the dance. 

It seems a lot of folks come to Deer park and feed these deer. Not very sure, if this practice is right or not. And whether all these folks really know what deer should eat for good health. 

As we moved deep inside the deer park, we saw more deer in large herds. There were few fawns (little baby deer) and Nishant liked them the most. 

Deer park provides enough fun activities for kids. Nishant had fun and we felt good about making this plan.

There were lot of folks inside Deer park in morning for jogging or playing various sports. Many groups were there to play badminton. They had tied badminton net around the trees and were having fun in the morning. The weather was pleasant.

We took few breaks while walking inside Deer park.

The above photograph is clicked by Nishant by using high aperture value to get this nice bokeh. Each one of us wanted to try new kinds of shots with new Honor 6 Plus. 

After meeting a lot of deer, peacocks & monkeys, we headed towards the lake. There is a path through Park Baluchi, which leads you towards the lake. We followed the same path and hit the green lake full of swans, northern pintails, cormorants, and many other colorful birds. 

Nishant was super happy and enjoyed Sunday morning in best way.  

There is well paved path around the lake and we also followed the same to explore this beautiful lake, its birds and green areas around it. The reflections in water were awesome. The clear light in the morning offered us brilliant views all around. And thanks to the nice weather which helped us spending 2.5 hrs around Hauz Khas village. 

A female northern pintail was guiding her 11 babies in the lake and we watched them doing various things with water. They were super cute and after a while more birds joined them in the lake. 

After taking a round of Hauz Khas lake, we planned to go towards the market and find out some place to have breakfast. Usually this market opens in the afternoon and we couldn't find any place for breakfast. We headed to Evergreen in Green Park and had our breakfast there. 
Initially plan was to go to DLF Promenade but then we decided to head back and relax a bit. After reaching home, none of us wanted to sleep. Nishant showed his new gadget, which produced different taals on Tabla and offers different controls to adjust the background music. Gradually we took out the harmonium and sang quite a few songs in afternoon. It was a good jamming session and learned few things from experts. First time I also tried to sync vocals with Harmonium and Tabla in the background. It was an interesting experience and we hope to do such sessions more frequently. 

This weekend was spent very well and we look forward to more exciting stuff going forward. 


Shilpi Dutta said…
Deer Park is a serene and super coo place to visit, especially for morning jogs/walks or holidays. The lake, the flora and fauna rejuvenates you! A nice time you spent there. Loved the pics.
Shilpi- That's correct. Although we stay in Noida, we are planning to visit Deer Park for morning walks during the weekends :) .. Not sure if we would be able to sustain that.

We had an awesome weekend :)

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