In the spotlight - Sumit Sond, a Photographer & Adventure lover

In our 'In the spotlight' series, here we bring an interview of another inspiring Photographer Sumit Sond from Pubjab.

Here is what Sumit has to say about himself - "I was born in a very humble Punjabi family in Faridabad. Moved Lucknow soon after that & 3 years later to Panchkula for good. Did my schooling from St. Xaviers. & Graduation from College of Art, Delhi. Once out of the college, I got into Advertising to seek my fate. 3 years later, I still work for the Ad. Industry as an Art Director at ITSA."

PHOTO JOURNEY - Tell us since when you've been taking pictures. When did you start taking photography seriously? If you are an amateur/enthusiast photographer, how do you manage to balance your work-hobby equation and how many photos you take in a month/year.

Sumit Sond - It was sometime in snr.School trying to escape course books, when I found a friend in the form of acamera. & With an uncle being an avid photographer things came in handy,including the basic knowledge of how the camera functions. And till date it is him I credit, as there’s no formal Education I’ve received in photography. It was during the college days when I started taking it seriously, till date I don’t understand if I was serious enough or not. Balancing college and photography was easy and fun, but once out of the college the amount of time I would put into photography marginally decreased. These days it’s majorly my travels & occasions here & there when get to satisfy the hunger of
freezing moments.

PHOTO JOURNEY - What are your key areas of photography - travel/street/landscape/ wildlife/wedding/portraits/commercial? What makes you click? What have been your biggest achievements so far? What camera/lenses do you use and why?

Sumit Sond - I’m more into Travel, Automobiles and Landscapes. The sheer thrill of freezing a moment of my life & the one’s around me at that particular time. Achievements, none really. I use a Canon 50D paired with a 50mm f1.8 & 18-135mm f5.6/3.5

PHOTO JOURNEY -  What are your sources of inspirations? Do you have some favorite photographers? How do you keep yourself motivated? How do you approach people for their pictures?

Sumit Sond - Inspiration is all around us. Observe.Obey.Click. Motivation comes from looking at old images & knowing that this isn’t there yet.

PHOTO JOURNEY - What piece of advice do you wish to give to aspiring/budding photographers, fans, and readers of the post?

Sumit Sond - Look around. Capture what feels right to you. Its not the camera that matters, it’s the moment & the observation that steal the show.

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