In the spotlight - Sumit Sond, a Photographer & Adventure lover

In our 'In the spotlight' series, here we bring an interview of another inspiring Photographer Sumit Sond from Pubjab.

Here is what Sumit has to say about himself - "I was born in a very humble Punjabi family in Faridabad. Moved Lucknow soon after that & 3 years later to Panchkula for good. Did my schooling from St. Xaviers. & Graduation from College of Art, Delhi. Once out of the college, I got into Advertising to seek my fate. 3 years later, I still work for the Ad. Industry as an Art Director at ITSA."

PHOTO JOURNEY - Tell us since when you've been taking pictures. When did you start taking photography seriously? If you are an amateur/enthusiast photographer, how do you manage to balance your work-hobby equation and how many photos you take in a month/year.

Sumit Sond - It was sometime in snr.School trying to escape course books, when I found a friend in the form of acamera. & With an uncle being an avid photographer things came in handy,including the basic knowledge of how the camera functions. And till date it is him I credit, as there’s no formal Education I’ve received in photography. It was during the college days when I started taking it seriously, till date I don’t understand if I was serious enough or not. Balancing college and photography was easy and fun, but once out of the college the amount of time I would put into photography marginally decreased. These days it’s majorly my travels & occasions here & there when get to satisfy the hunger of
freezing moments.

PHOTO JOURNEY - What are your key areas of photography - travel/street/landscape/ wildlife/wedding/portraits/commercial? What makes you click? What have been your biggest achievements so far? What camera/lenses do you use and why?

Sumit Sond - I’m more into Travel, Automobiles and Landscapes. The sheer thrill of freezing a moment of my life & the one’s around me at that particular time. Achievements, none really. I use a Canon 50D paired with a 50mm f1.8 & 18-135mm f5.6/3.5

PHOTO JOURNEY -  What are your sources of inspirations? Do you have some favorite photographers? How do you keep yourself motivated? How do you approach people for their pictures?

Sumit Sond - Inspiration is all around us. Observe.Obey.Click. Motivation comes from looking at old images & knowing that this isn’t there yet.

PHOTO JOURNEY - What piece of advice do you wish to give to aspiring/budding photographers, fans, and readers of the post?

Sumit Sond - Look around. Capture what feels right to you. Its not the camera that matters, it’s the moment & the observation that steal the show.


Anonymous said…
His clicks are awesome! :) thanks for the introduction :)
rupam sarma said…
Nice to read the interview, Great to saw Sumit Sond's awesome photography.
Superb work Mr Sond. I have learned a lot from his clicks. I met him 5 years back during one of the sports event and his work was awesome. Since then I am connected with him and he has been an inspiration.

He has supported the endeavor of PHOTO JOURNEY by various means. Thanks Sond ! You are awesome. Keep inspiring us.
ars297 said…
Beautiful person capturing beautiful moments!
Good luck
I loved birds in the field especially.
blogger_t2 said…
Awesome clicks Sumit Sond.These clicks really inspire to take camera and freeze beautiful moments around us for lifetime.
avanikamal said…
truthful and inspirational.
he's someone who will encourage you to pick your camera up and click no matter what tries to come between you two. Be it external things or internal self-doubt.
every time i see his works i get a kind of push from within to get up and work. That's because I know how much he puts in each of them.
Much love and wishes for all he does.

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