A candid review of 16MP camera in Samsung Galaxy S5

I am sure that you must be wondering that why this review for Samsung S5, when Samsung S6 is already available in market. But I know that many of you are smart enough to evaluate value for your hard earned money. Now that Samsing S5 price has gone down and it's approximately half the price of Samsung S6, it makes perfect sense to evaluate if Samsung S5 makes sense for you or not. This post definitely not for you, if you are ready to spend 60,000 rs today and want to have latest phone by Samsung. If you are also concerned about the '16MP' in title, don't worry. It's just to catch attention of folks who love to know the megapixel as the first thing :). So let's see how Samsung S5 phone performs. 

Let's just have a quick look at the technical features of the phone and then see how much of that reflects in results of the camera. 

I always start trying a camera inside the house, which is neither in direct sunlight nor in very low light during the day. Most of the phone cameras fail in such condition and then you know that phone is going fail in true low light conditions. Have a look at the above photograph which is clicked inside the house and it's just the natural coming inside the room and I loved the way it captures the real colors with any shake or noise. 

I was impressed with HDR capabilities of Samsung S5. The best thing is that it doesn't give you unreal kind of results. By keeping the frame real, it helps in getting deep shadows and good details in bight regions like clouds. Not sure if the results were because I was shooting in soft light of clouds in hills. But overall performance and result of HDR in Samsung S5 is impressive. 

I couldn't try the macro mode of Samsung S5, o can't really comment on that. If I get hold of this phone again, I would love to try Macro mode and share my inputs. 


Here is a video shot with Samsung S5 in low light. The Samsung Galaxy S5 shoots video at up to 4K resolution, but in this mode we lose some of the video modes which are usable at 1080p. These include video stabilization, HDR and stills capture during video.

Samsung S5 defaults to 1080p and it's generally recommended to use the same. You can also shoot at various speeds. When shooting in slow motion capture quality is limited to 720p resolution and image quality is also not that good in this mode.

Front camera uses a 2-megapixel sensor and it does not seem much of an upgrade over it's earlier version Samsung S4's front camera. It produces noisy images if you are not in sunlight. 

If you are also using a Samsung S5, drop us a comment with your experience. 


K V V S MURTHY said…
Very informative...!
rupam sarma said…
Great review, Awesome photos
Debopam said…
Thanks for sharing such an informative post.... I am not very fond of phone cameras though, but they are indeed helpful in certain situations.....

Thanks KV and Rupam !

Debopam - Initially I used to prefer other cameras over phone cameras. But these cameras prove quite useful while travelling. Now that capture speed can increased a lot, these devices are much useful. They have reduced the chances of missing a beautiful scene.
Arpit said…
I used Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos and that is the best mobile camera i have used so far and for me Macro shots are the best part.

Do check out this post for my mobile shots

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