How to get new editing controls of latest LR for photographs processed earlier || Updating to newer version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Recently I got a Facebook message from one of my friends who just upgraded to Lightroom 5 from Lightroom 3. Now when she opens any already processed photographs in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom5, she sees editing controls of Lightroom3 instead of Lightroom5. When we upgrade from one version of other version, catalogs are upgraded and you can start using existing catalog in newer version.

In this case, images which are processed in earlier version would look the same and hence the controls. If you want to reprocess these old photographs, just go to Camera Calibration control in Develop and move the latest version in drop down. E.g.- in case of Lightroom5, select 2012. Now you would start seeing new controls in Basic section of develop.

I can understand that it’s difficult to locate this control when you don’t really understand the meaning of ‘Process’ in Camera Calibration. I would suggest to read more about it in Lightroom Help.

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