Where is Content Aware Fill tool in Adobe Photoshop Elements?

Recently one of my friend called me and told about a tool called "Content Aware Fill", but he was not able to locate. he told that it's a new feature in 9th version of Photoshop Elements but it's bad that he is not able to locate it... Although I had tried it earlier but at that moment I was not able to recall it's location. Here I though of capturing, what I did after that phone call -

Actually Content Aware fill is an option which comes under "Spot healing Brush tool". So have a look at Tools palette on the left side and locate "Spot healing Brush tool"...

On selecting "Spot healing Brush tool", various options come below menu bar and "Content-Aware" is checked by default. Which effectively means that when some unwanted area is selected with spot healing brush, Adobe Photoshop Elements will try to fill that region with appropriate details so that photograph doesn't look incomplete. Check out How ?

Here I opened a photograph with a shopping mall and three folks standing in front of it. Now I don't want these three people in front of this building.

So I will start painting each person one by one an they will be removed. In above image, I have selected the right most person..

As I release Spot healing brush, it automatically fill the area erased form the photograph. Isn't it amazing... Now I will remember where Content Aware Fill is :)


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