A rejuvenating time with family in the hills @ Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

Recently my sister moved to Dalhousie to start a new journey of her life. My bro-in-law joined Dalhousie Public School last week. It had been a long time that we had met. I and Vibha were also missing Urvi, so we decided to plan this quick trip to Dalhousie.

We took an overnight train to Pathankot from Delhi and then took a taxi which took 2.5 hrs to reach Dalhousie Public School. This school is 3 kilometers from Dalhousie bus stand and is located on a beautiful hill on Dalhousie-Khajjiar road. 

We were eagerly waiting to meet Urvi, who takes out all the stress and make me happy to the core. She is a happy child who keeps the environment light and positive all the time. She understands everyone in the family and reacts accordingly. She strikes good poses and is always ready to get photographed by my Travellingcamera :). She loves reading books with Vibha. This time, we were carrying a few books and educational toys for her and realized that she already had some similar stuff. But she showed the right amount of excitement so ensure that I and Vibha don't feel bad about our decision. :)

Urvi loved her new books. Nishu had bought these books for Urvi from International Book Fair. 

Dalhousie had got fresh snow last Sunday and some still remained around Urvi's new house. We had good time playing in snow and then sitting around the heater :). Weather was very cold, so most of the time was spent inside the room. It is very rare that I sit in a room for a such a long time. There are very interesting places around Dalhousie, but we preferred to spend most of our time with Urvi. We had plans to visit Khajjiar (which is 22 km away) for a few hours, but the road was still blocked because of snow, so we couldn't go. 

It had been a while and the only trips I had undertaken were work-related or very rushed. January and February were also packed with various things on professional and personal front. Obviously the monotony of it all was taking a toll on me. I was stressed and overworked, moreover it had been a while since I had met my sister and my 2-year-old niece Urvi. 

And I knew that this was probably the answer to my problems. Spending time with Urvi is really the best stress buster for me. So as soon as the opportunity presented itself I booked tatkal tickets to Pathankot. It was a bonus that my bro-in-law has recently been posted in Dalhousie. So it was a chance to meet the mountains as well as the family. 

Spending a weekend with Urvi is best break we can have. I am writing this post while waiting for our train at Pathankot railway station. It's being written in offline mode and will go live in the morning :). The best vacation of the this year (so far) is over and looking forward to another productive month with lots of action. Soon Urvi will be visiting us in Delhi and we will be waiting for that moment now.

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