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Recently my dad has got a Redmi Note 4G. Recently when I visited my parents in Himachal, I got a chance to try it;s camera and thought to share my experience with the main camera of Redmi Note 4G. In this post, we will only be talking about the main camera of this 5.5 inch device and full review will follow soon.

Because of bigger screen, clicking with this device is a delight but a bit uncomfortable in bight light. It becomes difficult to see the view on screen even when brightness is set to full. Here I am talking about bight days in hills, which are usually brighter than cities like Delhi, it might not be a big issue.

It's a 13 megapixel camera, but that doesn't matter to me. If you see above photograph, I found the chromatic aberration issue in the camera. Initially I wondered if all phone camera would respond in same way for such a contrasty lights of hills. I tried the same shot with my 4 years old HTC DesireHD and it worked well, with little aberration.  

Focusing of this camera impressed me. This was pretty smooth and correct, most of the times. The focussing starts behaving in odd way when it's very bright or too contrasty. The screen starts flickering in white and blacks. At times, this leads to frustrating hang. The recoverable hang is also observed when using the camera for videos & stills. This hang happens on switching the capture mode, which I feel is more frustrating when you are tarvelling and want to capture the mood of place in form of video.

Above photograph was clicked inside the room (low light) and it's a zoomed in view of my jeans. I found it quite good at this cost. I would want to experiment more in low light. If you notice, this is quite a closer view of jeans. Camera was at a little distance and then zoomed in. This trick works very well with most of the mobile cameras. focusing becomes as issue if you take your camera closer to the subject. So instead take a step back and zoom in :).

Colors of the camera was quite good and aberration problem can be handled in softwares like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

I used this phone for a day when I was roaming around my village in Himachal and sort of liked it. I wish we didn't have hang glitches, which tarnished the overall experience. 

This result really impressed me. Just note the details in this photograph. Such a sharp photograph shows the speed of capture and focus quality. Then I post-processed to add darken the background to pop the subject. Post-processing of phone captures usually adds noise in the photograph but I didn't a single spot on this image. 

Here I tried to focus on these beautiful flowers but couldn't, probably because of smaller subject. This is a common problem in most of the phone cameras but very well handled in phones like Samsung S5. So my expectation was same from this camera as well. But I would say that such situation would be rare and patience can give you better results.

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