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There is a general trend that most of the youngsters in India take some standard career paths irrespective of their interests. Many times, they are not even sure what exactly they want to do. Later in their life, they explore an area of interest where they can excel. Few years back, even if someone did recognize an area where she wants to continue as career, it was not that easy. I have seen many folks around who have great talents but lesser opportunities make best of it.

Social media has brought a unique opportunity to gain visibility and showcase your talent and many of the folks have been very successful in doing that. Gradually folks have started taking bold steps to move away from the regular lifestyle where they compromise with their interest areas and the passion. One of my close friend was a very good at painting, but he could never think of taking it as career. Few years back, he started painting again and started showcasing his work on the Internet. He always thought that he is not good at marketing his work, so couldn't really think of making money out of his real passion. It took some time, but after 7 months he sold his first painting for 23,000 Rs. In my opinion it was a very good start. Although making 23K in 7 months  mathematically doesn't say that it's something that can be pursued further. 

We had a long conversation on this and decided to put efforts during the weekends & available holidays to build a good online portfolio. He kept doing it for 1.5 years. During this time he sold some of his work, but it was not that significant. Suddenly the results started showing up. Many noticed his work. Gradually he became a brand and many some of the corporates approached him to create series of paintings and that's how he reached a stage when he planned to quit his corporate job, which was easily giving him 30lac in an year. 

He has never done any exhibition, but is still a known face in the industry. In my opinion Internet and social media has come to a stage where real talent is always appreciated. Good marketing skills can definitely play an interesting role, but even without that you can attain something, which was unimaginable 5 years back. 

In last few years, I know of many such examples where individuals could do what they wanted to do. The term 'Freelancers' suddenly became so popular. In current times, freelancers are pretty confident and make lot more than what they used to earn in the areas which were not of their interest. Freelancing used to be very challenging, which is no more a case now. It's mostly about the real 'Talent' now and you need not to worry about the marketing your work and skills. Internet takes care of that very well. And gradually some of these Freelancers are becoming entrepreneurs

I am highly optimistic about this new trend. This definitely means that overall quality of things would improve and people would be happier doing things they really want to do. 

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