Photo Journey from God's own country || Kerala Travelogue-series by Tanya Chaudhary (Part 4 - Kumarakom)

Next on was the Backwater experience of Kerala. Kumarakom is a cluster of small islands on the Vembanad (the longest lake in India) backwaters. 

I boarded the houseboat and sailed off. The view was beautiful and the lake was quiet. The lush greenery, exotic backwater villages, colourful houses, cluster of islands, plethora of trees all lined by beautiful, thick and peacefully greenery, a large number of coconut trees all add to the perfect tropical touch to the landscape. 

We halted near the village called Kudavechoor around evening and explored the small quaint place. The village is less populated with mostlySyrian Christians. 

One fact that I loved about Kerala is the houses. They aren’t tall and are all so colourful, much like its people and the nature. As the local saying goes – “If thou are in the land of rat snake stew, thou shalt choose the thickest place.” So, we didn’t hesitate to try exotic menus and bought some fresh Karimeen fish to be cooked by the houseboat crew. 

As we reached back again, the sky made me wonder in awe. Kumarakom is where my love affair with the coastal sky begun.

Waking up to the sound of water is an experience. I looked outside my room’s window and it was drizzling. The ripples falling on the lake and the sound it made was a sound better than most of my favorite songs. The monsoon has arrived. The green looked greener and the world looks beautiful in Kerala. No doubt – God’s own country, it is!

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