How to prepare a Photographs for posting on a Website or Blog !

Recent article on resizing Photographs for Websites or Blog is received very well. Looking at the same we thought of sharing some quick Tips about preparing photographs for Websites or Blogs. As of now, we are just trying to figure out the main reasons of optimizing photographs before upload on web.

Here are some of the main reasons people try to optimize their photographs and please feel free to comment back if you have any other reason for optimizing photographs before uploading to your website/Blog.

1. To have reasonable size of the Photographs from Server-Space utilization point of view. Especially someone who uploads lot of media files like Photographs, Videos etc online, space is one of the main concern.

2. To avoid copyright infringement by print media folks/companies. Many times, local publications download photographs from web and reproduce them on paper, which is hard to track. The only way to avoid such infringements is by putting the Photographs in a way, such that downloaded Photograph could be used for printing.

3. To avoid delays in page-loading on your website or Blog. Page Loading is one of the important parameter which impacts your traffic on website or blog. In fact many ranking systems take this criteria into consideration for average page-load time of a Website or Blog. 

4. Avoiding online infringement of Copyrights for your Photographs. These days, it's quite easy to see that people easily start using photographs on their websites. It's fine in case it's for something good and non-commercial. But of-course, such action should always happen with proper intimation of using the Photographs. 

5. Not allow download of Photographs on your Website or Blog.

6. Don't have spaces in your file-names. Use '-' between the words. E.g. - Taj-Mahal-Agra-Uttar-Pradesh.JPG

Let's hold on here and make this list complete before we move to one of the optimal workflows in Adobe Photoshop Elements for preparing photographs for Website or an online blog/community.

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