How to correct Camera Distortion in Adobe Photoshop Elements???

Today I had borrowed Fish Eye Lens fom my friend and clicked some shots with this. Fish Eye Lens tries to capture everything @ 180 degree. Below is one photograph clicked through Fish Eye Lens. Notice the distortion in this image, which is clearly noticeable on edges. All lines on roof a rounded on edges and similar is the case with other straight lines of doors, Cabin structures etc.

Now I want this photograph to display normal view of this office floor. Since I organize all my photographs through Elements Organizer, I will start my workflow from Organizer and we will see the results side-by-side in a Version-Set.

Here are few Steps I followed to correct above Photograph:

1. Select the File in Organizer and open it in Editor
2. When File is opened in Editor, go to Filter Menu and Select "Correct Camera Distortion" option.
3. It will display the image in "Correct Camera Distorion" dialog. Grid lines are shown over the actual image to help us mapping image lines in correct manner. 
4. In this dialog, I have only used the top slider control called "REMOVE DISTORTION" 
5. I started moving this slider towards right by monitoring yellow wall on the left. When this wall was in parallel to one of the grid line I stopped. Now Inner look of this photograph looked satisfactory to me. In this I could have used Vertical Perspective Control to make it better. But we will discuss Perspective Controls and Vignette with more appropriate image later.

6. I clicked OK in this dialog and file is opened in Editor.
7. Cropped the image and final result is the Photograph Below.

Isn't it better than the original??? If not able to make out, check both the files side-by-side in Version Set of my Catalog.

We will discuss Horizontals and Vertical Perspectives in detail with appropriate Photographs. These controls are very useful when you have any photograph of a huge building and width of the building is varying as you move up. Practically its very difficult to shoot building with correct perspective with Tilt-n-Shift Lenses. So We will see how to shoot building Photographs to better utilize Correct Camera Distortion tool in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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