Understanding Color Management and It's relevance in Adobe Photoshop Elements || PART-1

Most Common Problem in Photography is - 'You see is not what you get'. Photographs look different on Screen and final Print. Many folks try to find a simple solution, which is not practical unless you exactly understand this business of Color Managements. So to begin, here are two basic things you need to do -

1. Calibrate your Monitor, on which you see/process your Digital Photographs.

2. RIGHT Color Management

Now we are here to discuss more about Color Management and not Monitor Calibration. Probably we shall pick Monitor Calibration after Color Management.

Every Photographs travels between the devices and Softwares, depending upon the Photographers' preferences. 
A very common workflow is like -

CAMERA -- Monitor -- Software -- Printer

So all of these Mediums of Expressing Photographs should interpret colors in same way. If every medium starts interpreting in different forms, final outcome can be very different from what was shot with Camera. Let's try to understand it better -

If we talk about Digital Colors, A photograph that's traveling through the photography system doesn't have any color. It's a file containing millions of numbers. The numbers in the file are converted into colors by each device or program in the photography system. For the color to remain constant throughout the photography system, each device and program must convert those numbers the same way. They have to use the same recipe, called a color space. Color spaces may also be called modes and profiles.

It's very important to understand these basic facts about journey of a Photograph through various devices and applications. And how these can impact final results in big way. We shall hold for now and please feel free to ask specific questions around this through comments.


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