The perfect accompaniment to Indian Cuisine - Four Seasons Shiraz Wine

It was Christmas last year when Four Seasons sent us a gift, which was Four Seasons Shiraz Wine. This bottle remained packed for a long time as we occasionally prefer wine over beer & rum. I know that doesn't sound classy, but that's true :). So we kept waiting for our wine loving friends to come over & open this bottle. 

Finally the day arrived when two of my friends were visiting us. We ordered some non-veg snacks/food and thought of trying the Shiraz wine with it. and surprisingly the combination worked very well for us. I have some wine lover friends who liked this wine, although they had some comments about aroma of the wine which I couldn't relate to. I still prefer to have beer, but given an option I won't find the Shiraz. And let me admit that it's balanced aroma and acidity makes me more comfortable to have it with non-veg cooked in Indian style. 

I have tried various other wines by Four Seasons and Shiraz wines by other Indian wineries, but Four Seasons Shiraz has always remained on top of my preferred list. Now I have stocked a few bottles at home and prefer to have wine for change at times. During winters we use a local version of bar-b-que at home and look forward to try Shiraz with our home made snacks. My guess is that bar-b-que snacks would go well with Shiraz !


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