Communicating Green - An Initiatives at Adobe Systems || by Bhavna Negi

In a world of living colors, consumers are increasingly interested in only one: Green.

"There are various factors contributing to global warming and climate change. And there is one thing that can help overcome the problem, which is a strong commitment to save the Earth."

Corporate Social Responsibility is one important issue for Adobe and given the nature of being an IT industry, Adobe takes its role as a steward of the environment seriously and has established April as the "Green Month" initiative which acts as the cornerstone of the Company’s environmental commitment and dedicated to minimizing the impact of its operations on the environment.

Just like each one of us, businesses should strive to create value and help to make the world a better place. The commitment is to give a green, innovative, and efficient service that feels good and does minimal harm to our environment. These monthly events celebrate green activities, give people an opportunity to make community connections, and promote a festive green atmosphere.

We recognize our responsibility to reduce consumption of water, waste and energy in our corporate offices and are focused on integrating greater environmental sustainability throughout our business. 

Our efforts are most successful when we create awareness among employees and inspire them to partner with us. Commitments to environment conservation and associated aspects have always been a key focus area at Adobe, off-ground.

Over the last few years, Adobe and its employees has been taking efforts towards awareness generation on environment issues and also enabling fan's and follower's to switch-over to/adopt environment friendly lifestyle practices.

The Green Month Initiative seems to be the epitome of "showing people" what to do instead of "telling people" what to do! 
May be it is not a matter of changing habits or a matter of being shown what is possible or a matter of inspiration in a busy world.  It is probably all of the above. 

And for that our Adobe family truly and sincerely feel and hence commit to make it a green world.

We invite our employees to support the environment through everyday actions at home, at work and while traveling. 

This April, our employees took part in Poster Competition so as to communicate their environmental commitment, to raise awareness and to volunteer too.

The themes for the poster competition were :
- Print FootPrint (Adobe® LeanPrint**to go lean on printing, reduce wastage.
- Optimize Disposables to think again before picking up another tissue/paper cup
- Power Saver for its time to start using the "Switch Off" button more often.

**Did you know? Adobe® LeanPrint is a software-only solution that helps organizations meet their green goals by helping them reduce their carbon footprint without adversely impacting productivity. 

Adobe LeanPrint helps you reduce your carbon footprint and achieve green goals and save costs : 

Help yourself and walk through the idea that were projected on papers. I found the event rather interesting, to see how engineers painted the idea with manual efforts rather any engineering involved and with colors of course.

The poster making competition kicked off on April 9, 2014. It encourage the employees to let their imagination and creative mind bring all that they feel count as "Green". The participants were in a team of minimum 2 and maximum 4. 

They were provided with poster sheets, water colors and stationary. And again, the bottom line was to "Make Best Out Of Waste". It was typical and that makes it fantastic, too. The competition was designed, both to celebrate and to win. 

The winners, would be entitled to some surprises and of course - prizes worth Rs.10000/-.

Social media played a pivotal role in mobilizing support even stronger than before. Adobe created a hashtag #adobegreen to take up a green pledge, may be. 

Fans and Followers could take up something as simple as growing a plant and share it with the hashtag. In turn, with each use of our hashtag on Twitter along  with the Likes, Shares and Comments received on Facebook and other social media, Adobe reached out millions of audience to spread the magic of "switch green". 

The demand of the times is, that every organization not just Adobe - should create a green workplace so that employees regard the efforts as genuine and  credible. Recycling, carpooling, reducing paper use and other eco-friendly practices should be encouraged. The goal is to organically create a green work-style so that employees carry the organization’s green messages where ever they go. 

And that also, includes sharing this blogpost with the hastag #adobelife #adobegreen and get your share of likes/comments and spread the share (I meant word). 

**Pictures Copyright : Ankit Singh | Shashank Shekhar

"Don't ask what the worlds needs. Ask what makes you come alive... And go, Do it!
– Because – What the world needs is people who have come alive." - PassImpressionOn.

Hi, my name is Bhavna Negi. I am software professional, and a blogger.
"I learn and I grow". I love talking to people and love to spread the happiness around.
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