A Day Tour of Lucknow City in an Auto-Rickshaw || Uttar Pradesh, India

Few weeks back I was in Lucknow for a wedding and had 4-5 hours available to explore the city. Of course, I didn't have enough time to do so but idea was to have a feel of the city and know more than what I already knew. This Photo Journey shares what all I did in the city during these 5 hours.

We were staying around Indira Gandhi Pratishthan and took an Auto for Bada Imambada. We definitely wanted to visit Imambada and hence thought of going there first & then plan other things. While discussing about the time restriction, our Auto driver shared some ideas before hitting Imambada. He wanted to us to visit some factories around Hazratganj market, mainly to see how chikan work is done. And have a round of Ganj market and try some local delicacies. He also gave lot of reasoning for not going to Imambada before 1pm. 

After a long conversation with Auto-Rickshaw driver, we decided to take some halts in between and accordingly decided on the money we had to pay him. This sounded quite efficient in terms of time :). He took us to a Chikan factory and we also did some shopping. We knew that he wanted us to visit the place because he would get some margin out of sale, but that was ok. Anyways we were planning to buy some chikan stuff for different family members. 

On the way to Hazratjang market from Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, we crossed some of the huge parks built by BSP government - Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Gomti Park. There are various such places of different sizes built across the city.

When it comes to main things to do and places to visit in Lucknow, some of the following things come to your mind - Bada Imambada, Chota Imambara & Tundey Kababi. Of-course the list is very long but all depends upon the way you want to spend your time in the city. Markets in a particular city have lot to offer for explorers.  

Moti Mahal Restaurant in Ganj Market is also considered as one of the popular places in Lucknow to eat. Deepak, who was accompanying me had read about the place on Lonely Planet, so we thought of having some snacks. 'Daulat is Chat' is one of the popular things to taste in Lucknow city. It's name has 'chaat' in it but it's a sweet in taste. 

It was a nice experience to roam around Lucknow city in Auto-Rickshaw. During this ride, we crosses Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh, some beautiful architecture in form of temples, mosques & churches etc. Someone recommended us evening Heritage Walk which is a good way to know better about heritage in Lucknow city, but we didn't have enough time to explore that option. 

After a few hops, we finally hit Bada Imambada. Bada Imambada was the must visit place for us because of various reasons. Bhool Bhulaiya is also there in Bada Imambada Campus.

Lucknow being a capital city of Uttar Pradesh state of India is one of the metropolitan cities of country. Lucknow is also popularly known as a multicultural city which has become cultural and artistic hub in North India. Lucknow is often related to state government, education, design, culture, tourism, music and poetry.

This was my first visit to Lucknow city and had very low expectations, but things in the city changed my perspective.  

During this Auto-Rickshaw drive, we realized that city also struggles with heavy traffic jams but it gets clear on timely basis. Our Auto-Rickshaw driver took us through narrow lanes of the city which were well maintained. And the main roads are surrounded by well maintained spaces. Within few minutes of drive on Lucknow roads changed my opinion about the city.

Cycle-Rickshaws, shared auto-rickshaws & the yellow autos are main ways to commute within the city. We also noticed bicycles & the old tangas in the city.

Now I feel like visiting the city again with sufficient time and explore it in better way. I was just looking at Lonely Planet for the list of things to do in Lucknow city, but I find it too much for lucknow so need to plan out better by consulting local folks or some of the Travel Bloggers.

But it was brilliant idea to get on an Auto and roam around the city to get a sense about it's culture, cuisine, people and lot more. This was a good experience for future.  

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