Tunday Kebabi Lucknow - A mouth-watering experience | By Bhavna Negi

There are Kebabs, and more Kebabs and then there is Tunday Kebabi Lucknow.

Lucknow is not only famous for its tehzib (etiquette), nafasat (delicate style) and many monuments, it is also known for many other things, one being a special type of delicacy, the famous melt-in-the-mouth kebabs.

Tucked away down a narrow lane in the bustling Chowk, this renowned, 100-year-old kebab shop serves up delicious plates of mutton biryani, kebabs and tandoori chicken. You need to keep your eyes open or just follow your nose. There are no boards announcing this place so you might miss it.

Holding up the grand heritage and name of Murad Ali Tunday - Tunday kababi are definitely the undisputed kebab sellers in the face of this time. It is one place you definitely want to go for the first timers. Known world-wide for their Galaoti kebab that is impossibly delicious. 

The whole aroma (mmmm....super AWESOME ! ) shall get you watering. They simply melt the moment they touch your tongue. It’s almost like a heaven sliding through your throat. You may even have a tough time trying to finish them. They are really heavy, taste surely to die.

Tunday Kebabi serves the most famous variety of the preparation and definitely the best that I have ever had and I have had a decent variety.

Lucknowi people may not revere the outlet as much as the Non-Luckowi, but it is the pride of the city and for every Non Vegetarian food lover a stop at Tunday Kebabi during a trip to Lucknow is a must.

Galout Kebab is a kebab that has been made after the meat has been marinated for a few hours atleast with 'papita' or Papaya. As the Lucknow gentleman and fellow foodie Mohd. Tariq Hasan emphasised - the Papita is what creates the family and makes the meat Galout, i.e. 'Gala', melt.

From then on, it’s the different spices that are prepared by the women in the family and is a closely guarded secret.

Tunde Kabab is so named because it was a specialty of a one-armed chef. Founder Murad Ali was nicknamed “Tunde” after his left arm was amputated following a fall from a rooftop while flying a kite. He would scarcely have imagined that the handicap would one day make him a brand.

How to get there: The original outlet is at Chowk just spreading the smell and taste all over, provoking the hunger in you with other recent outlets

Coming from a Foodie, Nitin Gupta says, “A visit to Lucknow is incomplete, until you have revved your taste buds to the kebabs.” A must go and eat at place when foods on your mind.

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