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Two years back, I attended a TEDx event Indian American Center, where Anoj introduced us to one of the brilliant organizations in country, which works for Indian entrepreneurs who are funded by people like me and you, and get our money back in due course of time. Milaap is a mission driven organization changing the way people fund and impact communities in need. 

I keep visiting Milaap portal to find out appropriate opportunities to work efficiently for betterment of our country, society and youth. Milaap has different types of projects but something related to education & youth excites me the most.

Everyday, Milaap connects hundreds of hardworking borrowers looking to start a small business, pay for education, install better facilities in their households, and more – with people around the world willing to lend and rally their friends and family with as little as Rs. 500 ($25)

Today I am sharing about 'Ramya Priya K and Group' -

Young minds are filled with aspirations and have the ability to achieve these aspirations. A group of youngsters Ramya, Kanaka, Samyukta and Sushma from Hyderabad are no different. Recently graduated as engineers, these 22-year-olds wish to take up a Testing course at Talent sprint which will be an added boost and open up job opportunities in IT companies. They need Rs 29000 per head to be able to join this course. They need a loan of Rs 116000 in total to take up this course and fulfill their aspirations. On completing this training these young girls will be placed in jobs, work hard and repay the loan in six monthly installments.  

I found this project very exciting to participate and I am sure that many of you would appreciate the work these girls are doing

I would encourage you to take a step forward and empower these youngsters  to help others. I only request you to give it a serious thought. You are just lending money for some period of time to empower youth of our country and get back the money. It's a great way to do something of our society. I know many folks, who contributed to one project and now when they get the money back, they put the amount in other relevant project. 

Feel free to contact me to understand it better or ask your specific queries. 

Let's take a step today - 


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