Me and my Nikon D5100 || A Camera review by Atanu Dey

I use a Nikon D5100 and I completely love it. 

I like D5100 for it's ease of handling and simple settings. The shortcut "i" button at the back (which gives access to the commonly used menus) is a sheer joy. The sensor also gives superlative low light performance. 

I shoot a lot of landscapes and historic structures for which I rely on the 18-55 mm kit lens. Though this is a simple kit lens, I found this to be of reasonably good optical quality under moderate conditions. For historic structures, I like the 18 mm angle (though I avoid going below 30 mm to prevent distortions). 

I also shoot candid shots - especially people portraits, for which I use the 55-200mm lens of Nikon.

This lens allows me to capture the subject unaware which often works very well. It also works well for some long distance shots of mountain peaks or similar structures.

I love my 50mm lens to shoot pictures with a shallow depth of field for special effects. This lens is truly superb in terms of optics and on a crop sensor camera, it works nearly like a macro lens.

50 mm lens used in low light :

50 mm lens used for portraits

Using the 50 mm lens's shallow depth of field 

Summary : "Love you hamesha" :)

Feel free to ask Atanu about his camera through comments on this post. It's always good to know real review from Photographer who has used a gear for longer period of time.

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