Auto Expo 2014 - Motor Show 2014 (Bikes, Cars, Brand and Girls) - They had it all | by Bhavna Negi

In this fast-converging world of still and moving images, many photographers are making the move into capturing those everyday moments and make them memories. And when the charm of the digital world struck him, he knew how badly, he wanted to enjoy being at the disposal of his camera - the equipment, and keep clicking.

Before we start - let me introduce to you the newbie photographer, Mandeep Singh - who has contributed his collection of amazing pictures, that your eyes would christened, all through the blog.

The Auto Expo 2014 - Motor Show is one of the largest automotive events in the world. and is not just the most awaited event for automobile fans, but they are also sought for much more reasons. You'll surely find why, as you read along.

The motor show was a huge success despite of the new venue location. There was no count of people that visited this grand event, which brought all the automakers, bike, bus and truck manufacturers together.

Superb cars, super bikes, trucks, buses, food, music, booth babes, lights and of course biggies from Bollywood, Cricket and other celebrities made close appearance in the Expo.

At Auto Expo 2014, Mandeep clicked, every thing that his eye could take a detail of and here I bring to you a glorious, neck-crane view of the auto expo.

And here is the other side of the Auto Expo. Every year - the crowd come not just to see the new launch, the automobile, but also to see the "Who has the the Best Booth Babe?" at their pavilion(s).

The job is not easy, for they have a very strict routine. And the employers are excruciatingly punctual. They have to be up by 5.30 am so that they reach the venue by 7.30 am. All they ask these booth babes and some male models too is "Stand next to a car and look pretty or good".

Again. these models are not just ornamental. They are put through a session of briefing which explains what the brand is about, what its cars can and cannot do. What makes them a different brand, compared to the other competition.

The companies again are very very particular about how every body in their booth looks - not a hair has to be out of place.

These girls — there are some boys as well — play a large role in the business of drawing in curious visitors at auto fairs all over the globe.

And things are less crass these days. The uniform, the choice of dresses - now a different business, altogether.

A lot goes in the details of what fabric, who wears what and what not, so that each one suit well with the ensemble.

Just as importance are the brand, the cars and every automobile on the house, at the pavilion of each hall. These eye-catching people are important too.

He may be a newborn to the world of Photography. He has always loved photography, never did he knew - he'd turn a photographer one day. He surely is not afraid to create his own unique style.

When asked, what inspired him to start as a photographer, he says "I got intrigued with the fact, how one picture could be interpreted with new yet, different perspective to every individual. And that is when I started." That is Amazing!! Isn't !! ??

You can be his critic or be his fan.
For more of his inspiring work, follow Mandeep Singh Photography.

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