The Prey and the Prayer

Judges do not kill,
And killers don't think.

Killers are judges.

We're here to feel the breeze and smile
And stand in a line to get snapped
A sacrificial goat then comes
To leave us emotionally wrapped!

Vast greens snowy Whites
Could have been my resting ground
Ruined by devotion

Shorn of my coat
as shorn of my being
What has this life begot?
One that's strewn as dust

Let the festivities begin!
Lo behold! Here comes the sword
and as we pray to the Goddess of Spring and birth
The blood of this beast shall quench the thirst!

I walked a little, searched some more
a little under or up the mellow
My eyes still search but my limbs are fallow
Ma, where did you go?


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