A sip of Kangra Tea at wonderful place called Neugal Cafe @ Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

I know various people have different views about Neugal Cafe and perceptions have very high contrast. Everyone keeps extreme opinion about Neugal Cafe - Some feels its a best place for hang out in Palampur and some feel that it's most boring place to spend time !!! I have met both types of folks and by giving this cafe benefit of doubt, I visited it for a cup of Kangra Tea and here are some photographs telling the story about the place !!!

During the Holi festival I was there in Palampur and roaming around the main town whole day !!! We had lunch at Taj restaurant in the town, which is very proudly pronounced as TAJ  and then met few friends ! Somehow none of my friends like tea and even they didn't asked me :( .. Finally Nitin and I decided to go to Neugal and have some tea with wonderful view of Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges on front of our eyes ! We ordered two Kangra Tea and started discussing about our last visit to Neugal cafe.. It had changed a lot !

Note the designs of these cups at Neugal Cafe - if you can't make out the speciality of this design, please have a look at Kullu Shawl if you have one... This design is famous as border in Himachali Shawls !!!

Here is road from Palampur market which connects to Neugal Cafe through Chaupati ! Neugal cafe is 2 kilometers from main market of Palampur but the whole walk is wonderful ! Although we went in a car but I recommend to have this walk till Neugal cafe and can guarantee the leisure of free walk through tea garden and lovely homes on the way !!

Here is a photograph showing colorful houses in Palampur with chilling background of snow covered Dhauladhar mountain ranges !!!

Here is another hotel near Neugal Cafe which was under construction !!!

Neugal Park is a beautiful picnic spot of Palampur and must visit place for Tourists which is situated approximately 2.5 km from Palampur bus-stand, in Kangra District of  Hilly state Himachal Pradesh.  Bundla stream flows through this 300 meter chasm which commands a fine view of the Dhauladhar range covered with chilling snow. Neugal Khad is situated close to Bundla mata Temple. 

Here is first view of Neugal Cafe after parking the car on road-side. by looking at the board on the left side, it can be easily make out that restaurant belongs to Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation !!! This restaurant serves good food and snacks as well ! I would not say best quality and but decent which can be comfortably expected from HPTDC Hotel/Restaurant, although there can be some exceptions !

There is a huge green ground behind the restaurant and this is the view of Neugal cafe form that ground ! Initially we had to wait for 10 minutes and everyone was busy with some guests inside the Cafe !!! After few minutes, we placed our order and tea came within few minutes after ordering ! Weather around this place was awesome and incomparable ... Freshening view of Dhauladhar increase the taste of each sip of tea !

Here is another photograph with Neugal Cafe on left and some other private Hotel on right ! Before I forget, let me share that HPTDC has constructed a new Hotel on left side of this Cafe called "The Neugal". It looked very normal hotel from outer looks and seemed more like a normal lodge ! For more details check out http://hptdc.nic.in/cir0302.htm#palampur

Basket used to keep Tea leaves or buds for taking them for processing ! I don't know the exact term used for it ! Usually, such a container in another shape is called as 'dall', which is used to bring grass for cattle at home! So it should also belong to same family of containers which are made up of Bamboo !!

Nitin ! Wanted to have another cup of tea :) So looking towards the cafe for calling someone to take order !

Palampur is one of my favorites places to live and it's a wonderful hilly town with wonderful ether throughout the year !!! and places like Neugal Cafe make it better.. For me Neugal Cafe is a good place to hang out and if you looking for something else instead of Tea, all is available at cafe !!!


Vishal Sharma said…
i like the design pattern on Cup of tea....

n i'll visit Palampur on coming week...let's see if can be able to go for a cup of Tea in Neugal Cafe....

n sood lookin gud in comparison to his old luk during college...:)

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