A Mahatma announces fast unto Death demanding enactment of a strong Anti corruption law called "Jan Lokpal Bill" - And Country is joining him !!!

Continuing the drive against corruption, prominent social activists and religious leaders in a memorandum to President Pratibha Patil on Sunday(3rd April 2011) demanded a strong anti-corruption law ! There is a video where Mr. Arvind explained more about Lok Pal Bill  and why it would be effective for anti-corruption move : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoYiYes01MU&sns=fb

Anna Hazare started ANSHAN at Jantar Mantar and many organizations, NGOs and Indian citzens !!! Lot of this followers can be seen around Janatar Manatar and India gate who are helping him spreading the awareness about this Anti-Corruption move in the country.

Lot many other folks joined in Amaran-Ansha with Anna at Jantar Manatar Ground and the count was more than 150 on 8th April(Thursday). People from various age-groups joined the move and they are only taking water during these days !!! Here is one of the old-man who was silently sitting in the front area where all the awareness sessions are going on !!!

First time in my life, I have seen such a strong support for Anna Hazare in a  commendable move for anti-Corruption !!! Lot of folks joined Anna's move during these days and which shows that people are really very much concerned about this increasing corruption ! Although most of the people in these big cities are main culprits of this increasing corruption... These days bribing someone has become a normal system to accelerate things and people feel proud about it !!! Which is a big shame !!!

Every evening since 5th April 2011, thousands of Indians are joining for Candle March to show their feelings against Corruption and BIG support for this current move lead by Anna Hazare !!! I know many folks from my office, city and friend-circle who participated first time in such a move and all this definitely shows the strength for this move...

Candle March starts from India Gate at 6:30 pm every evening and leads towards Jantar-Mantar Ground !!!

These are the folks who are not eating anything for better future of all the Indians and every Indian should understand this... It's high time to support Anna Hazare by some means as per everybody's convenience.. Although people have came forward without thinking about their convenience... There were around 150 people joining Anna Hazare !!!

Many folks who are supporting Anna, know about this move and the Lok-Pal bill clearly ! But some of the folks want to understand it clearly but they are convinced with Anna by knowing the fact that it's for anti-corruption in the country... and I read one hindi pragraph on one of the posters which says that "Corruption इस देश में सुरसा के मुंह की भांति बढ़ता जा रहा है और हमारे देश को निगलता जा रहा है....." with some more details around the same !!!

Folks helping each other to keep the lights on against Corruption !!!

Across India rallies are being organized for this purpose and many known people/organization are leading this effort for this country. Like SWAMI RAMDEV ... SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR... SWAMI AGNIVESH ... KIRAN BEDI ... ARVIND KEGRIVAL ... MUFTI SHAMOOM QASMI ... PAN IIT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ... COMMON CAUSE ... ALL INDIA BANK EMPLOYEE FEDERATION ... and lot many other organizations and its not possible to list all on this page... I just listed what I could remember after the visit to Jantar Mantar Ground on Thursday !!! But the contribution is all equal !!! so its not about small or big contribution, everyone is contributing as much as they can !

Its high time to make sure that light thrown by Anna should not go away by any wind and all the citizens needs to support the move for enlightening our Country with new Anti-Corruption laws !!

A boy handling two candles in both the hands wants to say to everyone that contribute to this move as much as your hands can afford !!! In any sense !!! And here I would like to thank the biggest social media site of this time - FACEBOOK !!! Facebook provided a great way to spread the word about this move !!! Even I got motivated to join the Candle March after seeing lot of activity around this move on facebook !!! Thanks to all my friends who shared appropriate details about the move !!!

 It was great to see thousands of people moving with Candles towards Jantar-Mantar ground and it was unending !!!

"भ्रष्टाचार मुक्त भारत के लिए ८ अप्रैल तो जंतर मंतर चलो"

Anti-Corruption rally on the move @ India gate, Delhi, INDIA

Boy keeping multiple candles with him to keep the lights on until Government agrees to discuss the bill in Parliament and take appropriate action soon !!!

Doctors were appointed at Janatar mantar Ground to regularly check the health of Indias sitting their on आमरण अनशन !!!

Followers of Anna Hazare ready to spread the awareness in whole country !!!

Youth has decided to take all the moves to make Anna successful in his mission for better future without corruption !!

Here is an old man who was walking around with these such hoarding - One hanged around the neck and two in his hands... A group of youngsters offered him a help to hold these for some time and talking to same folks !!!  

Jantar Mantar ground was surrounded by media vans and everyone had istalled their equipments in various parts of ground to discuss the current situation with various activists who are involved in this move !!!

Arvind Kejriwal talking to Aaj Tak @ Jantar-Mantar Ground in Delhi !!!

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