One Night Stay at Pathiar - a small village in Kangra Valley which is most popular for its best quality potatoes

In recent times lot of international companies have eye on best quality potatoes in Kangra Valley and many of them have signed contracts with various farm owners for next few years !!! e.g. - Lays we get in market use Potatoes from Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh and best ones are grown in Pathiar Village... Recently I have been to this village and it's very well located in Nagrota region of kangra which is surrounded by snow covered hills and rich in terms of natural resources like water & electricity !!! Here are few photographs from Pathiar Village - The place to get best quality potatoes..

These snow covered hills shine during nights and this village gets enough light during the nights as well !! Yes, that true.. reflected light well illuminate this village and during the winters its more pleasant !!!

Shining Potato farms in Kangra Valley...

All the farms in this village have potato plantation and many of the residents of Pathiar earn good mony out of this business.. Although very less money is paid to them but over the time they knew how to gt more profits by increasing the productivity with better seeds and care !!!

During mornings at Pathiar I saw various birds and by the time I brought my camera out, many of them went away... Here is one of the birds who was quietly sitting on the boundary wall of Nitin's House where I stayed !!!

Mustard Plant !!! "Sarson"

This was the season of Mustard and fields were well painted with appropriate colors of nature !!! Most of the Potato Crops from Pathiar village are exported for processed food and chips which is use during our daily routines... 

There was a tree near to the courtyard where parrots had made their house !! It was right time to see them as they go out for other activities and come out late in the evenings... This particular tree is called as "Simmal" in locl language and don't know its global name.. But this type of trees are mainly used by Parrots to create their home !!!

Hey Dear ! Should I come out? One parrot inside the house asking other about the status outside !!!

Other one responding back to come out as conditions are normal and we are ready to fly to earn our daily needs... Let's Go !!!

Dr. Tarun Sood... Ready to go for Medical College where he is training more folks to serve India !!!

Road connecting Pathiar to Palampur.. Pathiar Village is well connected to District Headquarter Kangra and other main city Palampur... Its also equally accessible form Dharmshala which is winter Capital of Himachal Pradesh state of India !!! Being at right place on roadside, Pathiar is a good place to live as well !!!

There are lot of water canals around the village and folks need not to worry about water availability as its in front of them for all the time during an year !!!

Day photograph of the snow covered Dhauladhar ranges which are visible from Pathiar Village... All in all, Kangra Valley is really rich in terms of natural resources and there are many this popular about these villages.. Tea and Potatoes are most popular & will continue to impact the big market of processed food and beverages...

Please leave your comments in case you have more details about the place or want to share your feedback about this Blog !!!

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