30 Minutes in Annual Holi Mela @ Pragati Maidaan, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

During recent visit to Dharmshala, I also planned one day stay at Palampur and Holi Mela was on in Pragati Maidaan for last few days... While I was waiting for friend to join me, I thought of having a quick tour inside the mela ground.. Let's have a quick Photo Tour in Palampur Holi Mela !!!

Here is a first view of Pragati Maidan from the adjacent road which connects Palampur Town with Chaupati or Neugal Cafe !!! 

Colors of Holi at Annual Palampur Holi Mela in Pragati Maidaan !!!

Holi Fair at Palampur is organized at a very large scale and local SDM has the responsibility of make appropriate arrangements and many government officers are appointed here to make it better every year !!! yes, you heard it right :)

Cotton-Candy / Budhiya ke Baal / Budddiya da Jhhatta :)

All these things which I saw in Palampur Holi Mela/fair, reminded me of old memories associated with our childhood when we used to have great plans to buy lot of things in 20 or 50 rupees !!!

I was super-impressed to see such long hair and wondering if there was any competition in the fair to showcase such rare things... 

Pragati Maidaan in Palampur is also known as Amar Shaheed Mr. Vikram Batra Stadium, Palampur !!! Here is the welcome gate for Holi Mela ground where lots of stalled are put together for visitors to buy stuff for their houses and with various eating options... and of-course, lot of options for kids too !!

I wonder who will buy this T-Shirt !! "Excuse me, I am VIP"

Game zone for children.. Although I don't know exact names of these games ... It was just left to the main entry gate of Palampur Holi Mela !!! The pandal in the middle has good seating arrangements and lots of folks were enjoying various cultural events during the day... Many known bands form Himachal and Punjab performed in this Holi Fair and I was surprised to see brands like CATMOSS sponsoring these events !!! Wonderful !!! Over the time these brands have created place in these hilly towns.. I believe all the showrooms like Nike, reebok, Adidas, Puma, Woodland etc are there in Palampur now...

More-Pankh products !!! Make sure that Menka Gandhi is not around !!!

Here comes the interesting activity of Holi Mela !!! This was one of the most interesting thing I witnessed in Holi Mela at Palampur... A Rassa-Kasshi final was about to start and two men in the middle are just co-ordinating for better organizing the finals !!!  

Here you go and everyone is putting best effort to win this !!! This game doesn't take much time to declare winners ...

Lot of supporters standing on both the sides of these teams.. during last few days, many Mahila-Mandal teams participated in this competition and these two teams survived till finals... There are lot many other games are organized for ladies from various villages around Palampur and for children as well !!

Child labor at open places which are secured by government !!! I am not sure someone has time to look beyond their assigned duties and do right thing for society !! This is a new trend I am seeing in Himachal.. During my childhood, I had seen children coming to such fairs with their parents to help them but now its becoming a fashion to run a small enterprise on your own  by sacrificing studies and basic education...

Again Cotton Candies with live show of machine which produce this popular Mela-Item !!!

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