Christmas Carolling @ Newcastle, UK

The St. Nicholas Cathedral in the city of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne hosted Christmas Carolling in Candlelight on the evening of 21st December. Me and a few other friends went there for the experience and it was amazingly serene. It was quiet and focussed and the carolling was beautiful. We were handed a pamphlet when we entered on which the entire schedule along with the actual words of carols and prayers were printed. We just had to follow the schedule.

As soon as I say 'Christmas Carol' people assume that I am talking about Jingle Bells. But there are so many more carols, such as "On a Starry Night", "Christmas Calypso", and "Love Shone Down".

 The cathedral was packed and we were sitting in the last row. This is our friend Abhishek trying to give a weird look. The hall was mostly lit by candle light along with a few cleverly hidden electric bulbs.

 After the Carolling finished, we took permission from Father to click a few pictures from the front. The people you see in this picture are members of a Salvation Army band who played some beautiful tunes during the Carolling.

Note the huge crucifix on the top. This was the most beautiful one that I have ever seen.

 The huge organ that was amplifying the sound in the church. The music was beautiful as was the singing. I could not see the choir though.

 Beautiful Candles and wreaths used for decorations. The environment was beautiful and festive because of these.

The Crucifix and the members of Salvation Army along with the candles and wreaths. The environment had to be seen to be believed.

When I was in India, I used to put up a huge Christmas tree and decorate it for my nephew. This time unfortunately I am away from home. But there is a Christmas Party planned on Christmas Eve. Looking forward to it...


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