Vedi Temple inside KumbalGarh Fort, Rajasthan - 3 Storey Octagonal structure standing strong on 36 pillars around world's second largest wall

The very first temple you see after entering inside Kumbalgarh Fort is Vedi Temple. Vedi temple is on the right as you enter into the fort gate. One can debate that it'snot the first temple you see after entering as there is a small temple on left side as well, but Vedi temple attracts most of the visitors towards itself through it's huge structure and beautiful architecture. This blogpost will share more about the beautiful and famous Vedi temple inside Kumbalgarh Fort of Rajasthan

The very first photograph of Vedi temple is clicked from the huge wall of Kumbalgarh Fort. Kumbalgarh Fort wall is India's largest wall and World's secondlargest wall after Great Wall of China. It's a lovely experience walking on the wall, which is approximately 20 feel wide so it's almost a platform in form of wall. Vedi Temple is the one which you see in the front part of the photograph. The other temple you see in this photograph in the background is Neelkanth Mahadev temple, which is another popular temple inside Kumbalgarh fort and everyday pooja still happens in this Shiva temple. 

Above photograph is clicked from the compound where Vedi Temple is located inside Kumbalgarh Fort of Rajasthan. Notice humans standing there and is how high/big this temple is. Vedi temple has different and very beautiful design in comparison to other 300+ temples of Kumbalgarh Fort. If you notice closely aroundleft top part of the photograph, you will see main walls of  Kumbalgarh Fort. You can clearly see Kumbalgarh fort and it's palaces on th top of the hill. There are also stairs on the left side which takes you to the top of the wall. Going up on the outer wall of Kumbalgarh Fort and watching these temples from the top is even better epxerience. 

Above photograph shows some part of vedi Temple on the right of the photograph and middle section of the photograph has view of top part of Kumbalgarh Fort & it's palaces. This photograph is clicked during evening lighting at Kumbalgarh Fort. Some of the parts of Kumbalgarh Fort are accessible during evening as well. You can walk comfortably around Vedi Temple, Neelkanth Temple and outer wall of this wonderful fort in Rajasthan. But you can't go up to the fort during evening time. Only some sections around main gate are open and all those areas also offer great views of Kumbalgarh fort, it's walls and some of the main temples. 

Vedi Temple was built by Rana Kumbha for rituals of completion of Kumbalgarh Fort. This Fort was built in 1457 CE and is built on a huge platform. Vedi temple of Kumbalgarh has octagonal shape and it's multi-story building which is standing strong on 36 pillars. Each pillar has beautiful carving at Vedi Temple and inside the temple you see beautiful dome styled ceilings.   

There are 3 more temples on same platform where Vedi Temple is located. Above photograph is clicked from entry gate for Vedi temple from back side. Front gate through stairs is closed. 

Vedi temple inside Kumbalgarh Fort of Rajasthan is a Jain temple which has three storeys as you can see in photographs. It's octagonal shape differentiates it from many other temples inside Kumbalgarh Fort.  Vedi Temple is very close to Hanuman Pol ( Pol means gate. Pol is a common word in Rajasthan. You will hear it in all forts and even in cities like Udaipur ). It seems Vedi Temple was also renovated by Rana fatek later on, which it was built by Rana Kumbha for rituals of completion of the fort. 

Above photograph gives a panoramic view of all temples built on platform near Hanu


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