タイムターナーを回しましょう || コッツウォルズのおとぎ話のコテージ

Every now and then, there comes a phase in one's life when one yearns for a break. At such times, you want to retreat to your own space, where you would be free to do what you want to do for however long, where you do not fear being judged. In my imagination, at least for me, such a place is Cotswolds, in the UK. I have been there just once, only for a few hours, but the place has stuck with me, leaving a rather deep impression in my memory. For all that this place is, and all that it promises to be, Cotswolds definitely deserves its own Time-Turner post.

日常生活から離れることが必要な場合があります。 これらは私たちの生活の自然なフェーズです。そのような休憩には、理想的な場所がよくあります。私の想像では、そのような場所は英国のコッツウォルズです。コッツウォルズを数時間しか訪れなかったのですが、その場所は私にくっついて、私の記憶に深い印象を残しました。この場所が約束することすべてのために、コッツウォルズは間違いなく独自のタイムターナー投稿に値する。

Cotswolds is a narrow sliver of land that runs through six English counties, mainly Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, in south-central England. The area sits on a bed of ancient Jurassic era limestone that gives Cotswold its grassland like flora and also the trademark golden/yellow cottages that are constructed using the stone. The cottages have ruled my heart for years. I visited Cotswold in 2011 and in my mind the area is a little more than a green and yellow haze because of the startling contrast between rolling green hills that stretch for miles and the golden cottages that dot the area.


I don't remember much from our first stop in Cotswolds. All I remember is that Moreton-in-Marsh struck me as exquisite because this was really the first time I was absorbing the splendor of the stone cottages. But the impression would quickly be replaced by something much more memorable. Another aspect that I remember is that the main market street had a cute teashop named Mrs. T. Potts Tearoom. It looked dainty and the only factor that came in the way of us going in was this was only a 45-minute stop.
私の友人ハンナは、すべての素晴らしさに囲まれてここに見ることができます。 この写真の町もボートンオンザウォーターであり、ここのコテージはモートンインマーシュのコテージよりも小さくて美しいです。

コッツウォルズへの訪問中に立ち寄った最初の場所についてはあまり覚えていません。私が覚えている唯一のことは、石造りのコテージの美しさに感銘を受けたことです。 そして、それがマーシュのモートンがとても素晴らしいと思った理由です。メインマーケットで Mrs T. Potts Tearoomというかわいいティーショップを見たことも覚えています。とても居心地が良さそうでしたが、モートンインマーシュでの滞在はたったの45分だったので入れませんでした。

Soon, we were on the way to the next stop in Cotswolds - Bourton-on-the-Water. Now this is the place that symbolizes the entire Cotswolds for me. The cottages here were much smaller than the ones in Moreton-in-Marsh. There were many narrow alleys flanked by the pretty cottages. Adding to the charm were the colorful flowers planted in the many window boxes. I felt like roaming around these streets, talking to the wonderful people who live in such pretty houses. And I felt like doing this for hours. Unfortunately our coach trip did not allow this flexibility and I was less daring back then.
Mrs T. Potts Tearoom-詳細な説明は必要ありません
まもなく、コッツウォルズの次の停留所、ボートンオンザウォーターに向かいました。これは私にとってコッツウォルズ全体を象徴する場所です。ここのコテージは、モートンインマーシュのコテージより小さかった。美しいコテージが並ぶ狭い路地がたくさんありました。多くの窓の外に植えられた色とりどりの花が、これらのレーンの魅力を増していました。 私はこれらの道を歩き回り、そのような美しい家に住んでいる素晴らしい人々と話したいと思いました。 そして、私はこれを何時間もやってみたいと感じました。しかし、私たちのコーチ旅行はこの柔軟性を許容しませんでした、そして私は当時はそれほど勇気がありませんでした。

The highlight of the halt at Bourton-on-the-Water is the benign river Windrush that flows through the village. Low bridges connect the two banks every now and then, and children, adults, and the elderly all seem relaxed and laid back. Some sit with their feet dipped in the river, while others patiently wait for fish to bite at their baits. There were kids running around, just being kids, and a general sense of peace, calm, and well-being prevailed in this Utopian village.
ボートンオンザウォーターへの私たちの訪問のハイライトは、村を流れる穏やかな川ウインドラッシュに沿って歩くことでした。時折、川の2つの堤防をつなぐ低い石の橋が見えました。幸せな家族が遊んで、冷たい水でリラックスしました。 川に足をつけて座っている人もいれば、辛抱強く魚が噛むのを待っている人もいました。このユートピアの村では、平和、穏やか、そして幸せの感覚が明白でした。
Very soon it was time to move on to the next stop in Cotswolds. We had no idea of the next halt, though we knew that it was another town/village in the Cotswolds. Bourton-on-the-Water had set the bar very high and we were looking forward to it. Secretly, I still wished we had at least another couple of hours at Bourton.

The last stop in Cotswolds was Stow-on-the-Wold. I remember being slightly disappointed when we alighted here. The cottages, though golden, were similar to the ones in Moreton in Marsh - larger, not as cute as the ones in Bourton on the Water. There was a little shopping street however with look and feel completely different from the rest of the Cotswold. Hannah had a good time here browsing through all the antique shops.

The trip ended on a not-so-high note, though it deserved a much better conclusion. Given a chance, I would definitely go back to Bourton on the Water and spend at least 5 days there. I would explore all shops, restaurants, and dishes, and I would walk through all the "Closes" admiring flowers and architecture to my heart's content. I would then sit on the banks of the river Windrush and enjoy the gentle flow of the stream. Hell, I would probably retire there and buy a pretty cottage of my own. The place is definitely worth it all.

機会があればいつでも、ボートンオンザウォーターに戻り、少なくとも5日間はそこで過ごします。私はすべての店、レストラン、食べ物を探索し、すべての「クローズ」を通り、花と建築を楽しみます。その後、ウインドラッシュ川のほとりに座り、穏やかな小川の流れを楽しみます。そこで引退し、自分の美しいコテージを購入することを夢見ています。 この場所は間違いなく価値があります。

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