Photography that inspires Travel bugs || A Photo Journey with Chandan Bhatia

Instagram is a great platform for instant inspirations. As a Traveller and Photographer, there is lot to explore on Instagram and get inspired. Today we bring you a wonderful Instagrammer who would inspire you to Travel more and click better photographs in every trip. Chandan Bhatia belongs to beautiful town Mandi in Himachal Pradesh and an avid traveller. 

I have been following his photographs for quite some time and each photograph in his account has lot to say. Photographs from different parts of India & abroad can be seen in this account. And he has some brilliant photographs from Himalayan state of India - Himachal Pradesh.  

Here is popular bridge in Mandi town of Himachal Pradesh.

I love this photograph. Brilliant composed and processed. Creating a photograph is not just about clicking a frame. It's a sincere effort of pre-visualizing a scene, click it and do post-processing to present the scene in way you want it to be.  

Beautiful landscape with temple, houses, farming land, mountains and clouds. 

A photo posted by Chandan Bhatia (@ichandanbhatia) on
A photo posted by Chandan Bhatia (@ichandanbhatia) on
A photo posted by Chandan Bhatia (@ichandanbhatia) on
A photo posted by Chandan Bhatia (@ichandanbhatia) on


rupam sarma said…
Wonderful photos.
Unknown said…
Lovely lovely collection of pictures.

Maybe you would like to check my work too on instagram : shubham.mansingka

mind blowing pics !
Mesmerizing pictures :)
Shrikant said…
Beautiful pictures!
Vibha said…
Thats truly inspiring
Shutterbug Iyer said…
Inspiring images. Though some content was not available.

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