Looking back at March 2016 || Adding colors to our lives

March to us was about Holi. There's no festival like Holi. To begin with, it is a photographer's delight. There are so many exciting activities photographers can choose to capture on Holi - celebrations at Mathura-Vrindavan, Barsana, Hola Mohalla being just some of them. Or you could simply decide to photograph your own family playing Holi. If they are anywhere close to how our family plays Holi, you don't need to head too far to click THE photograph of your life.

We firmly believe there is no better xway to celebrate Holi than celebrating it with your loved ones. Moreover, if you don't waste water and don't disturb animals, you can have fun without feeling guilty. Add to it the excitement of making your own organic colors using palash flowers, turmeric etc, and you have your perfect, environment-friendly excuse to go crazy.

So if you ask us, we can safely say that Holi is our favorite festival. You don't have to restrict yourself too much. You can make up with estranged friends. You can hang out with people you like for as long as you want. You can delay taking bath. You can have sweets. There's so much more to Holi. Oh! how we love the festival.  The following photograph will probably give you an idea of why we like it so much.

And click here to read more about our Holi: Holi Celebrations

End of March also means the beginning of a new year (even if it is just in the financial terms). So we decided to begin something new too. From now onwards, we will publish a calendar for each month. You can download it and make it your desktop wallpaper. Here is the calendar for April 2016. Hope you like it. Download the hi-res version here.

Guest Posts:
We treasure our guest writers. They are the most awesome people. This month we are glad to share two gems by our guest writers. We are sure you will enjoy them. There's no dearth of inspiring people. You just need to look around you. 

Photographers We Admire: 

Talking about inspiring people, we are fortunate to know quite a few of them. And when they choose to share their work on Travelling Camera, it is a moment of pride for us. Some photographers have that extra streak of creativity to make masterpieces out of mundane. Here are some such people. We bow to them.

This month we were fortunate enough to witness a once in a lifetime event. It was none other than our favorite Jaggu ji (Jagjit Singh). Members of his orchestra got together to once again bring us the magical voice. It was an emotional event for all of us involved - the organizers, the performers, and the audience.

Would you believe it if we told you that before this we hadn't ever had Khan Chacha's legendary rolls? You don't? Well, we don't either. So here it is finally, a review that should have been done ages ago. But better late than never. Isn't it? 

We will always have fond memories of the Flaming Kick. Why? Because we watched the nail-biting India vs Bangladesh match there with a group of most awesome people. Some of them were strangers but we ended up becoming great friends. 

Revisiting Old Travels:
You cannot accuse us of being disloyal to the properties we have raved about. In fact, we feel so nostalgic about some of them that we can't resist a temptation of revisiting the memories. Here is us revisiting Te Aroha. 

A little philosophy has never hurt anyone. Well, except Socrates, who paid for it with his life. I don't the philosophy in this post is going to cost us much, so here is sharing it again:

Photography Tips and Tricks:

Here is us doing what we really enjoy. Trying some photography and editing tips and sharing the outcomes with you. Hopefully you will find them useful.

Hope this is enough material to keep you busy till the next monthly digest. If not, there are always our regular flow of Photo Journeys to provide the necessary fuel. Till the next time, take care and have loads of fun. 

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