The unstoppable women travellers who brought us incredible Photo Journeys

Boundaries don't exist for travellers. We all know that the Travelling is comparitively harder for women considering the security concerns and lack of basic facilities. But these women did not let anything stand in their way. And that is evident in the brilliant Photo Journeys they have contributed to Travellingcamera. 

Akanksha Dureja is a brilliant blogger and I have been following her blog for quite some time now. She is an avid Traveller and believes in sharing inspiring stories. She has shared about her UK travel on Travellingcamera. She is an inspiration for many of travelers in our country. 


Anchita shared various PHOTO JOURNEYs from India, UK and Switzerland. Without saying much about her Photography and story telling skills, I would recommend to check the link below to know about her travelogues. 

Anchal Goyal is a mom of 2 and loves exploring the world. She has shared some of the exciting Photo Journeys from different parts of America. Her story on YellowStone National Park has been one of the most successful travelogue so far.  

Few weeks back Anushka Bishen shared her first series on Odisha, which is liked by lot of folks. This series was on roll during the month of Feb. Anushka loves travelling and exploring different cultures. Know more about her through her Instagram account. She will soon be sharing her inspiring road journey which she recently concluded in US.

It's difficult for me to share about Astha Mittal. Apart from being a traveller, she is an accomplished Artist and a writer. Her solo trip to Spiti inspired so many folks around us. Do check out more about her travel experiences at the link below. 

Instead of me telling you about Bhavna, here is how she wants her to be introduced - "My name is Bhavna Negi. My passions include travel, food, humor, events, culture, shopping and of course everything that makes me believe anything is possible. I was born and raised in New Delhi. Daily life for me is filled with great food, a whole lot of fun with friends, work and have more fun and of course every bit of insanity. I am a Delhiites to core and I absolutely love being one, despite the crazy and difficult situations. After all, life is about enjoying simple pleasures.

I blog mostly about travel, life in general, food, hidden finds in Delhi from the point of view of a normal person living and working in the city and every events/happenings that I attend around town. Everyone you meet impress you in some way or the other; and that signify my signature "PassImpressionOn".

All thoughts are my own and yes occasionally you will see a grammer or spelling error because I am human"

Hema Nagireddi is a creative Photographer and she shares her experiences through photographs. It was honor to host her Photo Journeys on this blog. I have also attended one of the Photo-walk she planned in Santa Clara last year. Do check out her night photography at the link below.

Monidpa Dey is an accomplished photographer who has exhibited on various themes and likes exploring places with her camera. Apart from some brilliant Photo Journeys, she has also shared a detailed review of camera she uses. Check out the link below to know more about her through her photographs and travelogues. 

The most popular Photo Journey last winter was compiled by Neha Sharan. She had an adventurous trip to Manali, when it was snowing and whole region was covered with white sheet. Check out the link below to know more about Neha and her travel experience. 

Nisha Sharma started sharing her adventurous trips on Photo Journey few years back and she has shared some of the most beautifully compiled travelogues from Himalayas. She belongs to Himachal and her love for hills can be felt in her travelogues. Apart from being a traveller, she loves trekking and photography. Her Photo Journey about Triund trek has been very helpful and inspiring for lot of folks who want to trek in hills.

Parnashree Travel Devi - she is always on the move and before even completing a trip she has plans for the next :). When I write this blog here, she is exploring Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh. Her detailed travelogues can be checked on her own blog -

Poonam Ohri is a a creative person who loves trying different art forms. Her brilliant creations can be checked at Poonam's Art Gallery. She has shared some interesting Photo Journeys which are pure forms of luxury and wildlife. Checkout the link below to know more. 

Shagun Thakur loves sharing about her own state Himachal Pradesh and her Photo Journeys inspired us to start #MyCity series wherein we publish posts my folks written about their native place or the city they live. Do check about her post about Bathu temples dipped inside Pong Dam

Shivani Patyal has been sharing some very interesting road journeys from different parts of USA. She & her husband have explored quite a lot in California and other states of America. Their road trip to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon has been one of the most popular so far and it's still trending.

Tanya Chaudhary shared an exceptional series on her solo travel to Kerala. It was such a lovely account that visitors still recommend her itinerary of south Kerala. Apart from being a traveller, Tanya is an accomplished poet as well. Check our more from Tanya at link shared below  

Vibha Malhotra has shared lot of travelling experiences from India, UK and USA. Apart her well written travelogues, she takes care of all monthly & yearly editorial posts of She is founder of which is a unique initiative to create quality writers and quality writings. 

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