A Vibrant, Bright and Sunny Holi

Unlike the previous Holi, the festival of colors this year was warm and sunny. Which is a boon for kids who end up getting drenched again and again. My nephew ended up changing clothes 4 times, but at least there was no risk of falling ill. So everyone was having fun without worrying about anything. 

This time, we were little late to reach Nishant's house to celebrate Holi. All his friends had already left after playing hopi with him. Usually all his friends come to his place and enjoy colors in the courtyard

I was super happy to know that Nishu hadn't used water balloons this time. Even water usage was to the minimum. 

Vibha had bought some organic colors made from temple flowers produced by an NGO, who does great work for people with disabilities. The colors were pretty and smelt great.

Nishant's grandmother had created some colors at home. Beetroot, Turmeric & flame-of-the-forest were used for making wet colors. 

And soon I realized that most of it was used on me :)

And then we played some Holi Cricket. 

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