Top 3 inspiring Photographers and Photo Bloggers on web

I started this blog in 2008 and during the journey I learned from various Bloggers, Photographers and Travellers around me. I tried reading various blogs by experts to understand this space and how I can learn & improve my photography/blogging skills. When I started, there were very few bloggers in India and especially in Photography, Travel space. These are top 3 Photography bloggers who inspired me a lot over the years. This post shares about the blogs and why they are so special.  

I am sure that you would have heard this name earlier. Scott Kelby is a Photoshop Champion and multi-talented person. You need to visit his blog to know more about him. Videos of Scott Kelby from various shows across the world would introduce you to a person who very creative and have strong opinions about things. If you ever think of learning Photoshop, check out his blog. It would be hard for me to mention everything his blog has. So check out the link mentioned above and get inspired. 

Gary is so close to Travellingcamera because of Gary's passion for travelling and photography very well aligns with what we do on this blog. He is truly an inspiration 

I saw Hawk's work on Flickr first and then gradually explored his blog. During my early days of blogging, I came across lot of popular blogs, but I loved layout of his blog. Most of the popular blogs used to be very boring or unorganized at their design but story is different for Thomas' blog :)

I highly recommend these 3 blogs for continuous inspiration in the world of Photography !!

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