How GenieOnCall helped me outsourcing my worries

Many times we come across a situation when something needs to be picked from a distant place or an important parcel needed to be delivered on same day. Last month I had such a need and tried GenieOnCall service which provide amazing services at very reasonable cost. This post shares my story and how it helped me many times. I strongly recommend to all my friends and well-wishers in NCR (National Capital Region of India). It's not a sponsored post, but a real experience which I think can be very helpful for most of us, when needed.

In November, I had a medical situation at home. Overall situation was little worse and we are still in a phase where we are trying different doctors, hospitals, medicines & other therapies. Since most of the folks in family are busy and few are needed at home, it becomes extremely difficult if you want to pick a medicine from a place 25 kilometers away. I had to pick a medicine which was only available in Hamdard outlet in Kamla Nagar. I stay in Noida. So I had to take off on one of the days to visit this outlet and bring this medicine. There was no option but to get this medicine on same day. I came across GenieOnCall service.

I made a call to pick a particular medicine from Kamla Nagar on same day. They simply asked name of medicine, quantity, address of store and if the cost of material to be picked is below 1000 Rs, then they pay the amount on your behalf and get it refunded when stuff is delivered. Within 5 hrs the medicine was at my home and service-charges were just 300 Rs.

So if you want something to be picked on same day, it costs you 300 Rs and if you can wait for a day, it's 200 Rs. Isn't it amazing. You don't need to take an off and don't need to drive. In 200 Rs you can have any stuff delivered to you. Imagine yourself staying in Noida and a medicine or some other important stuff to be picked from Gurgaon. 

I wish such companies grow and help people living without worries. Thanks GenieOnCall !

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