Looking Back at October 2015 || Monthly Digest

The chill is in the air and we are loving it. The only aspect of winter we don't like is the haze that blocks the sun for days at length. And soon we are going to make it worse by bursting unreasonable amount of firecrackers. Earlier firecrackers used to be limited to Diwali, but now we burst them at every excuse. Team India wins a match, we burst crackers. The Moon shows itself on Karvachauth, we light skyshots. New Year, Christmas, on weddings... the story remains the same. In UK and in many other countries, community fireworks are organized to celebrate Diwali, the New Year, or the Independence Day. It is a cost-effective and environment friendly way to celebrate your happiness. The question however is whether we Indians are mature and sensible enough to think of the environment before we think of ourselves and our egos. 

Anyways, as promised in the last monthly digest, this month we shared extensively about our trip to Kolkata. Not only did we talk about the places we visited, we also reviewed the delicious food that we consumed there, along with one Great Indian Chai Experience.

Kolkata Diaries

The capital of West Bengal and the cultural capital of India is blessed with a rich heritage. Right from the hand-pulled rickshaw to the yellow taxi, including the trams and the metro are all a part of this heritage. And for some reason, the city manages to give an impression that time has stood still in Kolkata for a while. Here are our Kolkata Diaries: 

Food of Kolkata
No one cook fish and mutton like the Bengalis. We were lucky enough to taste these staples along with more exotic drinks like the Doodh Fanta. Read the following posts to find out more. 

Doodh-Fanta in Kolkata - Much more than just Doodh and Fanta

In and Around Delhi

After Kolkata, it was time to return to Delhi - the city we love. And as usual, here are some good places to visit 


Ishq-e-Dilli - A light and sound interpretation of the allure of Delhi


India Habitat Center, Delhi - A must visit place for folks who love Art


National Museum of Natural History - A must visit place for kids in Delhi

Cultural Events at Delhi

When it comes to cultural events, Delhi could give Kolkata a run for its money. In the last one month, we have experienced everything from poetry to religion to spirituality to community events. Many more are upcoming. So November should be interesting too. 



North East Festival in Delhi - A musical, gastronomic & cultural delight


Last month we had announced a brand new series by the name of #MyCity, where we are asking for and insider's report of the cities. If you would like  to write about  your city on Photo Journey, feel free to drop an email to VJ@travellingcamera.com. Here are the two #MyCity articles our guest writers sent in to us in October. 


These are our opinions, but in most cases we are right. ;-) Leave a comment if you do not agree with any of the points in these articles. And feel free to share a post with your opinion, if you feel strongly for anything. We will publish the post if we feel that it goes with our general principles. 


Tiger Conservation - Not Just About Tigers


And here is an interesting profile of a brand of supercool merchandise, founded by Isha Nagar, a young publishing professional. Do read and if you find this inspiring, don't forget to leave a comment.


Photography and Beyond

And here are some of our tips and experiences from the world of photography. We wish all our challenges were limited to the technicalities of clicking and processing photographs, but unfortunately, a bigger challenge lies in trying to make a living out of photography. 


Do we loose Photographs on uninstalling Adobe Photoshop Elements

This was all for October, and now on to an exciting November. Will see you again soon. 

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